So I’ve been seeing web-ads for a new initiative by the Jewish Federation of North America that ask “What’s your #ish?” By which they mean “What does it mean to you to be Jewish? And please tweet it” (thus the “#”). Which is a kind of cool and interesting question to ask people.

But that’s not what this thread is about. This thread is about my initial reaction to seeing the construction “#ish”.

Wouldn’t that be pronounced “hashish”? And how did the JFNA miss that? It gave me a chuckle, anyway, which is why this is in MPSIMS instead of one of the sober, serious forums like GQ or GD… :slight_smile:

My first thought was it meant “poundish”

I opened this thread thinking it was about hashish.

My thought would be “octothorpish” – which gives me this Stan Lee-esque image of Spidey vs. a football player who can carry the ball in one ‘hand’ while blocking opponent players with two others, etc. :slight_smile:

Could it be “sharpish”?

I also thought this thread was about hashish.

Fracture-ish, which make zero-ish sense.

I nearly didn’t peek in. I thought it meant “number-ish,” as in mathematically inclined, which I am definitely not. Nor Jewish either.

I thought numberish as well and thought this threat would be a rant about people who say “9ish”. I rarely have heard that symbol called the hash.

All of my ish is #.

Otherwise you are rather numberish. yourself.

Much better than being " Number. Ish." :wink:

All your ish are belong to #.

My kids have been saying “ish” lately to mean “sort of.” As in the following model dialogue:

Me: Do you have any homework?
Kid: Ish.

I assumed the thread was about Twitter, and I was at least half right.

Or, you know, right-ish.

I assumed it was about IRC, I guess I’m dating myself.