Islam would be crushed in a war against the west

I believe that Trump will win both the Republican nomination and the Presidential race by a significant margin. Trump will indeed enact various proposals such as completely shutting down Islamic immigration and visitors into the USA for an unspecified amount of time.

USA’s leadership in the world, with Trump as President will cause a ripple effect around the world that has already begun, with the rise of parties in Europe that are actually concerned about their country and the well being of their citizens. This is happening with or without Trump, but the effect will only be greater and quicker after Trump wins.

The civilized world will soon reach it’s breaking point and mass conflicts will begin breaking out across Europe. Israel VS Palestine will look like kid’s play in comparison to the size and scope of the European conflicts. There might even be civil war in a few different European countries, with the middle-right united against the left and Islamic terrorists on the opposing side.

There will be increasing restrictions on Islamic immigration world wide and also increasing restrictions on Mosques in various countries. The world will be sending a message that Islam is not welcome in their countries, as events are only spiralling further out of control.

I believe that Islam will be greatly diminished in Western, civilized countries within the next decade or so. Eventually the world will be split and segregated, with Islamic countries on one side VS everybody else on the planet.

The Islamic world has no chance, and if a real war ever broke out between the West VS all of Islam, then the entirety of Islam would be defeated in less than a decade, and I believe that the religion would practically be forgotten in the future, as there would be so few practitioners of it left, and then the rest of the world could just get on with their normal business.

Could any mods advise if advocating genocide is a topic for Great Debates?

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One thing that stuck out at me:

…Why in the world do you think that “the left” would side with Islamic terrorists? I don’t see a whole lot of people standing up and saying, “ISIS should conquer the west”. Or do you not distinguish at all between “Islamic Terrorists” and “Muslims”? Because yeah, if a significant part of the country tried to murder countless innocents in cold blood, you bet your ass that I (okay, not me, I’m cowardly as all hell, but various liberals I know) would stand up and fight back on behalf of the innocents.

I’ll take “People who have learned absolutely nothing from the last 10 years in the middle east” for 500, Alex.

Wowsers, The geopolitical problems of the world’s future solved in their first SDMB post.
Man, where have you been since the great search began in 1973?

Remind me again how long has the US been trying to get out of Iraq, which had essentially been secular before

So the US, in your opinion, is going to wipe out one third of the human race within a decade.

And you consider this a good thing?

For the record, it is not Christianity’s fault that Muslims keep getting so damn uppity when the US interferes, bombs or invades countries half way around the world.

If the alternative was an Islamic takeover of the entire world, then I would definitely believe that genocide is a viable and good alternative to the predicament presented.

But I am not advocating for any genocide at this moment in time.

Battlefield: Earth - the prequel?

None of the things you believe will happen will happen, with the possible exception of Trump winning the GOP nomination. Muslims will not bring Europe to the breaking point any more than the IRA brought down the UK. “The West” cannot win a war against “Islam” because the first is a disparate group of countries with varying individual agendas and the second is a belief system, something which is surprisingly hard to bomb. You could propose a genocide of Muslims as suggested but then you’d pretty much be an inhuman monster far worse than any enemy you might fight.

Furthermore, any active pogrom would serve to turn the rest of the world against those conducting the pogrom and would strengthen the faith of those being persecuted, resulting in a far more entrenched and radical form of Islam remaining with a much stronger anti-“the West” mandate. Asymmetrical warfare would continue and spread, resulting in more death, vast reductions in personal freedoms in Western countries in the name of security and a downward economic spiral.

Basically, the US would become a fascist state, Trump would be a mass murderer, and the entire world would be the way the Middle East is now with violent conflicts sputtering on for generations.

Vote Trump!

From past history; depends against who it has being advocated against. Until someone points out the double standard.

It is good to see that the right wing messege that the U.S. is at war against a religion is not being taken seriously.

The US hasn’t fully woken up yet this morning - it’s 06:43 in NYC

There’s that slightly worrying problem that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and they might feel just a tiny bit threatened by your master plan. Only a slight speed bump, I’m sure you’ll think of a solution?

Best solution might be to ensure that they put Christian officers in charge of nukes.Its been done before.

It helps if you tilt your head slightly while reading the thread.

Not even then.

it is hard to believe this intro does not tell us this is a masquerade, so why reply seriously?

A lot of things about Trump bother me, but I’ll start with just this. He has said we should ban Muslims from entering the U.S. until we can figure out what is going on. Sure, Donald, so what are you doing to figure it out? What does he even mean by that statement; Congressional investigations, executive order, or is he just going to tell us? I don’t think he has any plans or desire to figure anything out; just put that in so he could appeal to the reactionaries and still sound almost reasonable.

But Donald Trump isn’t here, so I’ll just ask you, Blinky. What do you think that phrase means; would you like to figure anything out or is your mind made up already?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news: an Islamic takeover of the entire world ain’t gonna happen any time soon.
The bad news: your proposal is still monstrous, as it completely fails to differentiate between radical Islamists and peaceful, moderate muslims.

I believe Blinky’s plan is to kill 'em all and let god sort them out.

Nothing in the OP is going to happen so there’s no sense talking about what-ifs. This notion that there’s a coming global religious war is just hyperventilating and overreaction. My advice: turn off the Hate Radio and switch to decaf.