Isn't it amazing how easy life finds it to find ways to make us look silly?

A new guy started at work this week. I was part of the panel that selected him. As is usual I arranged a small morning tea for his second day to welcome him to the unit. Before we had our coffee and pastries I asked him to tell the others a bit about himself.

He did that and then invited us all to help ourselves before revealing that he wouldn’t be joining us as he is a Muslim. Well at least it was alcohol free.

I don’t think that made you look silly at all.

It’s not like Ramadan is on a fixed date or anything.

My sidewalk is getting re-poured. Yesterday while all the guys were working on it I knocked over one of their danger horses with my bumper. Now, my driveway is tricky to get out of in the best of circumstances, compounded by my neighbor who loves to park exactly opposite my driveway, and I only tapped the horse… but I still felt like a classic “woman driver” in front of these guys.

Celtling and I both like to have cold water available to sip on all day. So every week I fill ten water bottles 90% full and put them in the freezer. Throughout the day I’ll refill the icy bottle from the water cooler and drink as I go.

Yesterday, during a meeeting, I tipped it back to take a sip and the huge chunk of ice broke loose at the last possible moment, sending a tidal wave of freezing cold water down my front.

It was an all-hands meeting, and I was sitting next to the presenting Director.


Oh dear!! I guess it wasn’t the right time to mumble something about having a drinking problem, either.

I did something similar once, though not in front of anyone important. I have a water bottle with a sports cap… but one day I couldn’t find the sports cap so used a regular one that had to be removed. Yeah, I picked it up to drink and wound up pouring it on myself. This was at the office, so for the next half hour or so I was drenched.