Isn't this worthy of drooling over?

< snort >

I got this email this morning and gee, it really made me want to contact the guy for a long term relationship, whatcha think, should I go for it?

Can you believe this? I have no idea who the guy is, looked up his profile:

Location: Denver via MSgulfcoast
Sex: Male
Marital Status: are you serious?..uh…no
Hobbies: kissing…writing…growi ng roses…cooking…goosedown …elk hunting…hiking…camping (need a sleeping bag buddy)…fire places…playing in the snow…drinking hot chocolate…eye contact…did i mention kissing
Computers: have i talked about kissing yet?..just checking…
Occupation: Production Manager for a privately owned bio-medical manufact. co
Personal Quote: slow and strong…gentle and patient
I can’t believe the lengths people will go to to meet people, and that email! Yeesh. At least the dude could have given me more in his email than “hey…32/m…lakewood.” Not that I would bite.

It is true the internet is open to everyone, even those with not much upstairs.

Life is short. Maybe the guy’s busy. Take a chance. Maybe at least have a laugh. :slight_smile:

And spelling.


A few years ago, I had a personal ad on, and while I got a lot of good responses, one guy sent something about as terse as that, though I don’t remember the exact wording. I checked his profile, and he had zilch info in it. After I had gotten through a whole bunch of other emails, I decided to give him a chance, so I wrote him back and said “Maybe if you give me a little more info, you might have a better chance” and I got back an email with maybe three sentences. Gee, thanks for being willing to expend so much energy on my behalf, pal. Really makes me wanna go out with you. Needless to say, he went in the reject pile.