ISO right-wing Twitter outrageousness

A friend of mine on Facebook posted an outrageous comment from a left-wing comedian, and is claiming that he has never seen comparable outrageousness from right-wing sources. I offered to post a list of such. Immediately I realize that there’s no place like the SDMB for me to seek help with this task.

So, little help, please? I’m looking for examples of extremist or outrageous Twitter comments from right-wingers of all types, both for our own amusement and of course to rebut my friend’s naiveté.

*Someone named Laura Levites, whom I’ve never heard of. Here’s a link to that lefty stupidity.

ETA: Thanks in advance!

Todd Kincannon on Wendy Davis.

Here’s a list just from Tuesday

Reince Priebus: RNC will boycott MSNBC. Over a Tweet.

I like the suggestions made, but they’re not quite to the level of outrageousness as Laura Levites’s wanting to “rip out” Cathy McMorris’s uterus and “eat it.” She also called the GOP congresswoman a “c**t.” Ms. McMorris is a horrible and inept politician, and I for one am appalled continually at her, but of course most people who regard Ms Levites’s tweet as rather over the top.

Do we have some comparable examples from tighty righties?

Do they have to be famous people? Ann Coulter calling the president a retard. Son-of-mildly-famous-person Salvatore Cassano and “Obama lovers”. And if it doesn’t have to be on Twitter, then how about everything Ted Nugent has said for the last twenty years? This is a good place to start.

Forget about what the right wing says. Focus on what the right wing does: American fundamentalists finance Ugandan law that imposes death penalty for homosexuality.

That’s easy - Ann Coulter!

(And you shouldn’t restrict yourself to Twitter quotes. The venue doesn’t matter.)

An excellent point.

It doesn’t indeed, a point I made to my friend.

ETA: It’s just that the original offensive comment was a Tweet. Apples to apples. But we certainly need not similarly restrict ourselves here.

Ladies and Gentlemen - Ted Nugent:

Ir may well be true that using drugs can be bad for you, but look what happens when you don’t. Just sayin’, is all.

So Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton are now members of the right wing?

If you posted that on Twitter, it’d be an example of an incredibly inane and value-free tweet from the right-wing, which I assume is the point you’re making, because otherwise it’s an incredibly inane and value-free post you just made.

Huh? Miller wrote in his post “American fundamentalists finance Ugandan law that imposes death penalty for homosexuality” and linked those words to this blog post, which says that Obama and Hillary have directed millions of dollars to Uganda’s military. The author of that blog post apparently thinks that giving money to the country’s military is the same as financing a piece of legislation in the country–dubious, if you ask me.

There is no reasonable way to read that article and arrive at that interpretation.

I read it and interpreted it as meaning straightforwardly what it says. If you have an alternative way of interpreting it, I’d be happy to listen.

I’d like to agree with this and add “any tweet Todd Kincannon has ever written.” Seriously, if you’re looking for crazy, twitter active right-wingers, he’s basically a cornucopia.

I’d say there is. I mean, the title of the blog post is “Who’s Helping Finance Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill? You Are”, the whole article is about how it’s US financial support is keeping the Ugandan government afloat, and the article ends:

Being familiar with your debate process, I’m not really seeing a point.

You seem to be more familiar with his debate process than you are with your own linked article. Try reading more than the first paragraph next time.