Israel and Oral Sex Ad

See it while you can, the Israeli government seems to be pulling the ad from Youtube, but I found it here:

[URL="Canadian Jewish Tourism Ad Uses Oral Sex to Promote Israeli Tourism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم

It is a pro-Israel ad shown in Canada by the Israeli Ministry of Public Diplomacy. Great fun.

That was awesome!

Very funny!

Is the guy supposed to be “Israeli looking?” He looks Greek to me.

That was great! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cute. And, yes, I’d say the guy is “Israeli looking”, to the extent that there’s an Israeli look.

Funny, he looks Saudi to me. :slight_smile:

That was great.

Really? He doesn’t look Greek in the slightest to me. He looks like he’s of North African heritage to me, and many, many Israelis are from (or have ancestors who were from) North Africa.

Amusing ad.

That is a thing of beauty.

(To the hijack… Dude looks Indian to me… shrug)

He looks like he shaves his chest. That is creepy.

Heh. Israelis like to joke how half of all Arab characters in Hollywood movies are actually played by Israelis.

Is that the normal Israeli accent? As the girl at least sounds like she’s trying to sound [del]American[/del]Canadian.

I got the impression they were both Canadian, actually.

I thought he was supposed to be Tiger Woods.


Yeah, me too. Didn’t notice too much of an unusual accent?

He looks African to me too. I don’t notice any accents, either. :slight_smile:

Great ad; they shouldn’t have pulled it.

Let’s hope the Florida Board of Tourism doesn’t see this campaign.

Kinda reminded me of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who is bi-racial with his African roots coming by way of Grenada… Very post-racial fellow…