Why do we (U.S. Government) support them?

I am interested in the reasons that we have invested so much time, money, and human lives in maintaining the position that we do.

I have read that every year we (taxpayers and Government) contribute between two to twenty billion dollars in foreign aid to Isreal, and this may be one of the reasons NY was attacked.

Bid Laden has said that all citizens are targets because it is our tax money being used to fight the Muslim countries.

“And if we make it into a war, we lose,” said (Robert) Oakley, the former ambassador (A former American ambassador in Pakistan and a former State Department counterterrorism coordinator.) “We’ll swell their numbers enormously.” That further increases the political threat that bin Laden presents, American officials concede.


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This is more of a great debate than a general question. I suggest you search the SDMB, and especially Great Debates, where this subject has been discussed many times in the past.

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