Israeli Warship Attacked by Iranian Missile?

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It is an article from the Jerusalem Post. A partial quote:

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I don’t see this reported as news anywhere else, despite the fact this happened on Friday. Is this really a big deal or just one more ingredient in the soup?

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Other reports have the missile being a Silkworm missile, presumably imported from Iran.

BTW, apart from their having a common (perceived) enemy in Israel, what are relations like between Iran and Syria these days?

And yet it matters not a whit that many a deadly missile raining down on Lebanon bears the distinct “Made In USA” markings? In fact a very good case case could be made that the whole IDF is mostly “Paid By The USA.”

Hypocrisy at its worse.

Not with a clear casus belli, no.

But everybody has known that all along. Hezbollah getting supplied with missiles by Iran might not be any more or less ethical a thing, but it is a New Thing, and in this setting new = explosive.

Right…'cause we all know that the US providing weapons to Israel is the equivelant to Iran providing them to Hezbollah…

Sorry, no…I don’t see this hypocrisy that is appearently so obvious to you.


Of course not. Wouldn’t expect you to anyway what with your posting history here. The moral certitude that comes with your usual simplistic interpretation of foreign conflicts has pigeonholed you well enough.

1-If the US does it, it’s all good.

2-As a corollary of one, if a US ally does it, it’s almost just as good.

3-Ironically, some of the missiles coming down on Israel might well have the " Made In USA" tag on them as well.

U.S. Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China, Iraq

What’s that about “what goes around comes around”?

PS-Not that you’d care but:

Israel Violates US Law With Attack on Lebanon

If Stephen Zunes said it it must be true. All hail Stephen Zunes! His word is law!

This seems like a pot/kettle situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

The RedFury version being ‘If the US does it, its all bad’ of course.

To put this corollary into the RedFury-verse: ‘If Israel does it they are obviously in the wrong’. With a further corollary being: ‘If any group is doing something against the US or Israel, hand wave it away…they MUST be in the right after all’.

And some might not…as well. My take on this is if Colt sells me a gun, and I take said gun out and shoot someone, then its not exactly Colts fault…its mine. Obviously though, since the US is the root of all evil, it MUST be the US at fault for selling those weapons. I wonders…yes, I wonders…do you feel the same about the weapons France et al sells? They seem to be far more indiscriminate than the US in weapons sales. But not…France after all isn’t the root of all evil. How silly of me, ehe?



Yes, but not entirely relevant to the issue as there may be widely varying qualitative differences in level of sophistication of the systems.

Israel’s conventional weapons have generally been technologically right behind those of the USA/UK/France. China is commonly understood to lag behind but in the process of catching up, fast – ther still being a way to go, as the later Maoist period resulted in an extended interruption of the development of weapons technology.

(And anyway “ICBM level technology” could mean 30 year-old technology: something equivalent to a Titan-II or Minuteman-I will ruin your whole day rather irreversibly. )

I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’; but my impression reading this thread was that the discussion about what weapons were made where was not about blame-assigning, but about evaluating the relative technology of the weapons.
Am I wrong? Or is RedFury just spoiling for a fight?

I wouldn’t be a RedFury post if he didn’t work in some attack or other on the US. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think he’s spoiling for a fight any more than normal with his post…its just standard anti-US fare with a special sauce of anti-Israel just tossed in as an afterthought…


Just call it a much needed helping of reality – not nearly as kosher as the current backers of this administration would like to keep on selling you.

Would you like some pork rinds with that?

Nobody seems to have noticed-but the fact that Iran now posesses sophisticated surface-surface missiles 9which are capable of hitting modern warships) is pretty worrying 9one would think). for example: can the US Navy send its fleet carriers into the Persian Gulf with impunity? Could one of these missiles get past the Phalanx guns and sink a carrier?
All in all, a bad situation; Iran with nuclear missiles and antiship missiles…bad, bad! :frowning:

I don’t think Iran having Silkworm-type anti-ship cruise missiles is anything new. I think they’ve had them for decades.