Issa to retire. Opening up a Rep seat in CA!

*Issa, who joined Congress in 2001, only narrowly got re-elected to his seat in California’s 49th Congressional District in 2016. In the presidential race, Hillary Clinton won his district by 7 percentage points. *

This is good news. Another blue seat may be coming our way.

Great news. He’s always struck me as one of the scummiest of Republicans, and good riddance to him.

Cool how Maher cornered him here, albeit it briefly, about a year ago.

Go Issa, and take Nunes with you!

With Ed Royce leaving too, there are 8 GOP committee chairmen, and very possibly more to come, who appear not to relish life in the upcoming minority.

Issa’s departure will improve the House no matter who replaces him, even if it’s only a slight-less-dishonest Republican.

As I said in another thread, best news of the day so far, for me. The guy is such a disgusting crook.

Yes! Another blue seat – yaaayyy!!

Not gonna happen unless Nunes retires. He won his district by more than 36% in the last election, the biggest margin of any California congresscritter. As I mentioned in another thread, it’d take a blue wave of epic proportions.

I don’t know. Steve Bannon may jump into the fray and make it very difficult for the Democrats to [del]win[/del] lose! :smiley:

LOL, here’s hoping…!!

Issa was responsible for the whole Governor Gray Davis recall. He thought he would end up in the Governor’s mansion as a result. Instead we got Arnold. Arnold was OK, but still the whole thing was a partisan fuster cluck. So, I say good riddance to Issa.

Unfortunately, I suspect we’re not done with him. The Governor’s mansion is still there…

Yeah, that was so funny to watch. He was so sure he was going to win and then Ahnold crushed his girly-man hopes because he was not sufficiently PUMPED UP POLITICALLY!!!

Sorry, I should’ve said ‘California Republican congresscritter.’ Some Dems won even bigger than that.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This may be helpful for the DP, but it is hardly a done deal.

I’m in Issa’s district. Last election Issa beat Applegate 50.3% to 49.7%. This should be an easy win for the dems this time around, but let’s see who runs.

Going all the way back to the Ossof race in Georgia back in June, we’re seeing Democrats energized in ways not seen in a long time. The last time I remember Democrats and progressives having anywhere near this level of determination in a mid-term was 2006, which is the year in which they retook control of the House. And I’d say that Trump has fired them up even more than Bush did back then. Trump’s core of radicals is probably fired up to keep his agenda going strong, but many Republicans are lacking the inspiration to vote. This should be a good year for the Dems, provided they don’t fall apart over certain issues (and provided we’re able to thwart Russian hacking). Fortunately, I think Trump is uniting Democrats with each tweet. Unfortunately, Putin is lurking and the Republicans are desperate.

That was going to be a competitive district no matter what, regardless of Issa’s retirement. But it shows that a healthy portion of the Republican establishment is losing its grip because of their ‘dear leader.’

So if Issa and Chaffetz are up for one opening on Fox, steel cage death match would really be the only way.

It’s hard to believe he thinks he has a future in Sacramento, but it’s been noticed in his statement that Issa didn’t say he was retiring, but specifically that he wasn’t seeking re-election in the 49th district.

So the rumor is that he is planning on running in the more solidly Republican 50th if Duncan Hunter doesn’t seek re-election, resigns, or flies off with the family bunny to escape indictment.

I only recently moved out of his district and I’m apprehensive.
We got really close to voting him out last time but it wasn’t a simple matter of the district getting Blue enough to get rid of him. His own toxicity was hurting him. Right-leaning independents were starting to vote against him because they had personal dislike for him.
Next election, those Right-leaning independents will have a chance to vote for a Republican who is not Issa.

Personally, I think a Republican win is more likely now that Issa isn’t running again.

The Democrat will have to really fight for this seat.

Fingers crossed.

Maybe Chelsea Manning will move to California instead of Maryland.