Istanbul (Not Constaninople)

Istanbul was Constaninople, but now it’s Istanbul, not Constaninople. Why did Constaninople get the works?

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This should answer your question.

In the middle of the 15th century, the city came under the control of the Ottoman Empire and got called by a different name. Is that what you’re asking?

The Turks didn’t like to have their biggest city named after a Christian Roman Emperor

I thought the official change in name to Istanbul didn’t occur until the 1930s or thereabouts.


Nope. Read TheLoadedDog’s link ( though one small error in it is that the 11th century was definitely part of the ‘Byzantine period’ ).

In short the name Istanbul preceded the Turkish conquest by hundreds of years, was probably Greek in origin, and wasn’t the official name until after WW I and the demise of the Ottoman state which had held it for ~ 450 years at that point.

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Constaninople was Byzantium, but it (used to be) Constaninople, not Byzantium. Why did Byzantium get the works?

I’m shocked that nobody has pointed out that it’s spelled Constantinople.

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Why they changed it?

[sub]Surely people didn’t just like it better that way.[/sub]

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