"It gently tugs on the w**ker and in a few weeks I add mucho size"

“It gently tugs on the wanker and in a few weeks I add mucho size”

I get about 60 spams a day but that one’s a first!

A few weeks? Someone starts tugging on me and it’s only maybe a minute until I’ve added mucho size.

[sub]Someone had to say it…[/sub]

But Lobsang - what if it actually works; I think you’ve got a moral obligation to try it and report back, this being the board that fights ignorance and all… :smiley:

Actually, I’m now officially intrigued. How, exactly, does it tug? To which part is it affixed :eek:? Do you have to be standing up (is gravity involved) or can you wear the WankerTugger[sup]TM[/sup] in bed? Can you wear it discretely under baggy clothes? C’mon man, enquiring minds need to know…

Does it gently put on the lotion?

No, it just gets the ‘hose’ again.

So, I’m guessing it bolts on to whomever is giving you a handjob? It does say that it tugs on the “wanker”.

Or perhaps it’s a voodoo thing for people you don’t like. “Bloody f*cking wanker! Lemme stick this to your head with some 6-inch nails!”

Oh man… I wasn’t thinking Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs”, but more like Gollum.

Which makes it worse. IMO!


If you paid twp cents or more for it you wuz robbed!

Generally sold to the uninitiated and/or ignorant.

I just deleted a spam promising pics of “Shaved Puzzies”. I don’t know what a puzzy is, but I damn sure don’t want to see a shaved one.

Uninitiated into what? :eek:

I was, uh referring to springears :o

Town Without Penis?


In the name of science, someone really MUST try one of these things!!

I’ve been less than gently tugging at it for years and still no luck. :frowning:

That’s not to say the experiment is over though. No, far from it. :wink: