It is happening in Italy of all places!!


Is there a chapter of the ACLU in Italy?

This might end up somewhere else but I just wanted to share the news. :eek:

I’m pretty surprised. My kids went to a state run school in Italy and religion (Catholicism) was freely taught in the school. A permission slip was sent home and parents were given the option - if you did not want your children taught Catholicism, they would be removed from teh classroom for that portion fo the day or you could come to the school and take them home for that portion of the day. There was no such thing as seperation of church and state in the school system. School plays and Christmas pageants were religious in nature, songs, stories, etc. Not to mention about half of the primary and secondary schools are run by churches anyway.

You’ll note that the guy who brought the case before the courts wanted a Koranic symbol displayed alongside the crucifix- hardly a viewpoint the ACLU would endorse.

I was shocked, never imagned that happening here. The story was top of the newscasts today. Latest update on LaRepubblica (in Italian) shows it is far from being over. It will be interesting to see what develops from this. And yes the religious teaching part of the classes here is entirely optional.

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