It is vet-er-in-ar-y dammit!

On I-80 coming into Davis from Sacramento, you can see (if it’s still there, of course) a billboard that the local realtor association put up. They have realtor in quotation marks. I still can’t figure out why they do.

I was pitting people who pronounce the word "jewelry "-- note the spelling, which is the correct way Americans are supposed to spell it – as something that it isn’t. The way we write the word, it should be pronounced “joo’el-ree.” If you spell ie “jewellery,” then obviously a differing pronunciation might be correct. Or if you’re returning to the word’s roots. But the latter, especially, strikes me as a real stretch to excuse what is basic American English mispronunciation.

It is kind of a mute point.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why so many people pronounce jaguar as “jag-wire”. Haven’t they ever seen it written down?

He probly won’t get around to that until Febuary, when the cold Artic winds are blowing.

Because the British invented a language they cannot speak. :slight_smile:

This is one I really, really despise.

(And I hate joo-lery and ree-lator, as well! shudder)

pacifically, it should be said as ‘vet-rin-ree’
I maintain that there is no greater nails-down-blackboard conversational torture than listening to people replace ‘specific’ with ‘pacific’.

Pshaw. You want to experience the language being folded, spindled and mutilated by a master, come to Boston and meet that fair city’s mayor, Mumbles Menino.

Here we also have a vet-run’s hospital and a local politician insists on referring to our Co-cola bottlin’ facility.

I had to call security last week to escort out a lie-berry patron who was obviously stoned and making loud inappropriate comments to other patrons. The security officer had me sign her report on which she remarked, among other things, that the “suspsect seem disorientated”. Officer rite reel good.

I say it that way too. So does my cousin, who’s a vet.

Lie-bree, anyone?


These ‘mis’-pronunciations aren’t creeping in, they’ve always existed. You’ve just not come across them often, for geographic reasons.

Oh, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “Jag-wire”, so nobody pin that one on the Brits, thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the commercial for Jaguar where the lady calls it a ‘Jeg-you-are’ all the time.

That’s always cute.

I’ll agree with the sentiment, but express the feeling of rage that overwhelms me every time a certain member of my family says “atypically” when she means “typically.”