It is vet-er-in-ar-y dammit!

All this week I have been hearing an ad on WTOP radio for a local emergency veterinary clinic. The announcer sounds like one of the news anchors but it is a recorded ad. And he repeatedly says veterinary as vet-in-ar-y.

This is a professional announcer. What’s up with that?

Geeze, it’s just a word, don’t go all nukyular over it. Just send him an email to go look it up in the libarry.

The vetinary clinic is where they take the dog’s tempature.

Do they have an emergency clinic there? Maybe a pet bambulance?

I hear where you’re coming from, CookingWithGas, but that’s no reason to go all nukular:slight_smile:

Untill I saw this thread title, I was forgetting that I need to pick up some thyroid pills for Kevpooch. Thanks for the reminder.

Not a good time to put in that it’s pronounced vet’nary around here? No? Okay …

It is acceptable to pronounce “veterinary” as “vet’inary”, except on Wed-nes-days.


And this is IMHO, not The BBQ Pit, Dammit!

Moving damn thread from IMHO to The BBQ Pit, dammit!


So can you at least try to be consistent with capitalization, dammit? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a jewelry store ad where the woman doing the voiceover talks about joo-lerry. Makes me want to reach through the TV and shake her teeth out.

There are just too many mispronunciations creeping into everyday usage for my comfort!

“Ve-tra-nary” is also a listed pronunciation, note.

Listen to the BBC show “All Creatures Great & Small” sometime!

Meh, for all intensive purposes I could care less.

I’m from Canada, where they use the British spelling, “jewellery.” Your phonetic pronunciation is about exactly the same. I’ve said the word in radio announcements in the US without complaint, pronouncing it like I always have. How would you suggest it should be pronouced?

My realator is always adding extra syllables to words, and it drives me crazy…

I think you mean Realatator™.

I’m glad I don’t live near you - I pronounce it vetin-ree, and I like having a head.

You mean the same jewellery that came from the French word “juelerie”? People are just trying to revive the ancient pronunciation, is all.

(And I say “ve’inary”, with a glottal stop. Nothing wrong with it.)

In keeping with the theme, it was alleged this week that the current Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell (who is running for governor) is unable to pronounce/enunciate his job title - rendering it as “Seck-a-tary of State”. This alone could cost him the governor’s office.
And I must note with a wry nukular grimace that this thread was deemed worthy of moving to the Pit, yet my caustic Pit lament about half-eaten pastries got shoveled into MPSIMS. There is a Double Standard here, and I am gonna organize a march on the Mod Shack with torches and small furry mammals.