It snowed in Mississippi?

Yup. Started before dark New Years Eve, and by midnight was accumulating. This morning, we have all of 1.5 inches here on the ground. Up to 4" in the Delta, less to the south of us. Naturally, Civilization grinds to a halt down here. Ya’ll wish you were so lucky up North, where you have snowplows and stuff. Here they tell people to stay inside and relax.

It is pretty, tho. I’ve been tempted to wet down the street out front, which is a nice slope, so the speed demons that tear out of the Baptist Hospital in front of my house would get an extra surprise this holiday season.

Road closings are where ever the hills are. We’ve got some great ones around here, and they’re nearly impassible now. At least there wasn’t too much ice this time. Last time we had a bad ice storm, it took weeks to get all the power back on, and up in the delta it took them longer, up to 6 weeks.

We won’t know if this snow storm will have cut down on drunk driving fatalities, but you can always hope.

Living in a Winter Wonderland,


It snowed it England a couple of days ago for I think the first time three years. Snow’s always cool…bit cold though…

I heard the Eagles got back together too.

Yeah, it was a nice CD they recorded, too. :slight_smile:

I saw a bit of a football game that was being played in Shreveport, LA, and they had quite a bit of snow, too.

'Course, it’ll all probably be gone by Tuesday. What we have here in Minnesota probably won’t be gone until April.

Y’all be careful down yonder, y’hear?

Shreveport would have been the Independence Bowl, with Texas A&M and Miss State. State beat them.

And the snow did look good, I saw clips on TV during the news.

Snowed 4" here. (NE Texas, 50 miles from Shreveport)

It wasn’t fair. MissSU had camoflage! (white jerseys)

It snowed in my swampy area of Alabama as well. I’m north, but usually not north enough.
We got less than 2 inches. It still makes everything look pretty and no one is out on the roads.
It was my first snowball fight EVER on New Year’s Eve.

It snowed here in Alabama as well - here being about 2 hours north of Nocturne, just south of Tennessee. We got about 2 inches. It’s already the 4th time we’ve had snow (though none as much as today).

It’s pretty…but that’s only because I can stay home today!

We didn’t know it’d snow! :slight_smile:

Was awfully convienent…

Tee hee hee. MSU won. I could gloat, if I knew anybody who CARED. :slight_smile:

Two days ago, after digging my house out from under 12 inches of snow from a Nor’easter, I said to Gunslinger “I never want to shovel snow again.” He said “Don’t worry, you won’t have to. It hasn’t snowed here since I was three.” I said “Good.” So much for THAT idea. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. Shoveling snow in the south is unheard of. You simply relax, and wait a day or two for it to melt. Oh, you’ll probably be doing this in the dark if it was an ice storm also. But being at college during an Ice Storm is fun. (MC, '89)

Yeah, but spending 18 years in NY gets shovelling ingrained until it’s an automatic response.

:see snow:
:grab nearest shovel or broom:
:run outside:

racinchikki, I hear ya, shovelin’ sucks. One of these days we are gonna get that snow blower up and workin’ again.

Well… then you’ll have to pack your own snow shovel. We don’t sell them down here. :slight_smile: And you won’t use it that often, once every 5 years. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

Watch, it’ll snow again next winter just because i’m there :slight_smile:

My wife would love you if it did. :slight_smile: You’d have thousands of school kids worshiping you from afar. Legions of adults, all bowing, thanking you for a quick break from work. Oh yeah, and the dire wrath of plumbers, carpenters, and other trades for the inevitable repairs afterward. :smiley:

So, it might not be a bad thing, who knows?

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll get a pedestal made, just in case, so I’d have a suitable place to stand and await y’all’s adoration.

:looks at Saint Zero:

Okay! Im’a bulidin’!

grabs hammer and nails

Seriously, I was inside doing a snow dance. Last time we saw snow was three years ago. THREE. That’s nowhere near often enough for a native Kentuckian.

But the best thing about all this is, I don’t need to worry about going anywhere. I’m on VACATION! :smiley:

I here ya , Saint Z!

I lived through that Ice Storm, without power & water for 10 daze. Glad to have wood heat! Right now, I’m clenching my teeth as an absentee landlord that the pipes ain’t a bustin’. Well, guess no news is good news, but last night I had bad dreams of busted pipes and forlorn renters (up yond in Oxford). I never could sleep through the cold nights… woke up every 3 hours and ran the pipes. Now that I can’t literally, I’m a wreck, figuratively. Be a Honey. Tell me it’s gonna be warmer soon.