It snowed!

It snowed in downtown San Jose! We are having arguments in the office over whether it’s hail or snow, but it snowed, darn it! Hail doesn’t pile up in drifts and refuse to melt in the street. Besides, the mountains were covered in white stuff this morning. That wasn’t hail, either. Being very close to sea level, snow is a once in a decade novelty for us and it’s very cold outside. Only 50 F! Brrr! :slight_smile:

It’s hail! I was out in it. It wasn’t hard little iceballs, but it wasn’t snow, either. I took several pictures on my camera phone to save for posterity. It was piled up an inch or two thick on the cars before it melted, which took only about ten minutes or so.

Yes it SO does. Don’t have them here, but a couple years back it hailed real hard in my hometown, I got pics of hail drifts on Mom’s terrace and piles of it on top of cars… And, same as when snow turns to ice sheets, the hail “bullets” would start melting, then freeze again, thus becoming a single chunk of ice with holes in it…

If it’s made of little balls (or not so little, that day they were pigeon-egg-sized), it’s hail.

It snowed in San Jose back in February of 1976…I was at Vasona Park that morning playing frisbee golf. And there were joggers out that morning as well. :eek:

When I lived in L.A. I remember a time when it hailed so heavily it looked like snow in one of the 'hoods. (Watts?) The weird thing was that it was confined to a very small area – like a single block.

It snowed here in the High Desert this morning, too. An individual who shall remain nameless and thankless called me (repeatedly!) this morning to let me know (FTR, I sleep from 4am-noonish, so this was roughly in the middle of my night). Hello, I lived in Colorado for eight years! I don’t need to see no freakin’ snow! It comes down in flakes, news at eleven!

Whoa! The 101 in Marin is closed because of a 31-car collision. There was snow and slush covering it and folks refused to slow down. And the 280 in San Mateo County was closed on and off overnight because of a light covering of show. This is a once-in-a-decade event, I hear. Our local mountains down here in Morgan Hill are covered way down there flanks in a thick blanket of snow. I hear more is on its way today. This is weird.

Are you sure it was hail, then? Maybe Stacy Keach exploded.