It Takes A Ladder. Or Maybe A Pogo Stick

So My girlfriend and I are tooli8ng down the road a couple of nights ago, just minding our own business. When suddenly, we saw it: The Silliest Looking Car Of All Time!

This prestegious award had originally been awarded to the puke-green lowrider car I had seen about ten years ago. The one with a chandeller.

But this car…it was really, really cool. Picture a Corvette. Perfectly normal. Except that it’s jacked up.


I’m completely serious. The bottom of this car was higher than the roof of my girlfriend’s car. We pull up next to it, to see what kind of person would drive a monster truck reject like this and you’ll never guess what he looked like.

Yup, it was a teenager with a baseball cap. I tell you, I’m heterosexual, and I really wanted this guy. I mean, with a car like that, you know he’s hung! The best part was watching the guy trying to look cool as all the other drivers on the road with him were laughing their collective asses off.

If I ever had a chance to talk with this guy in person, I’d have two questions for him: How slow do you have to go before you can turn a corner safely, and how the hell do you get into and out of that thing?

Sometime I feel like jacking my car 5 ft. in the air just so I can see around all the SUVs and mini-vans with tinted windows. But that is another thread for another forum…

When I was in high school, somebody in our neighborhood did the same thing with a…Pinto! Talk about a waste of parts and money! I guess it’s the only way he could be sure the gas tank wouldn’t explode if he were rear ended.

Hey Doctor Jackson, did you live in Eagan, MN by any chance?
Cuz we had a jacked up Pinto in our Neighborhood, too.