It takes a village, the FTC, and a busybody senator to raise a child

Hillary Clinton is in the news again, seeking Federal Trade Commission intervention regarding “violent” video games.

I guess we should restrict the daily newspaper to adults, huh?

Anybody else smell a presidental bid?

No. It is still too soon. She will wait untill she becomes more of a senior senator, or is appointed to the cabinet.

No, she’s running now. First of all, she’s denying it, which is a surefire sign. :wink: Second of all, in 2012 she could face a Republican incumbent or have to wait four MORE years if a Democrat wins - and even then there could be a VP in the way and so on. She’ll be 60 years old during 2008 campaign time and this is her Best chance.

Adults don’t read newspapers anymore. On the other hand, kids do play videogames.

Apparently there are no votes to be gained in speaking for government non-interference, responsible parenting, or the rights of kids, since the dumb little fuckers are too young to vote. So Hillary goes this route, which I’d like to dub The Helen Lovejoy Expressway, for the easy votes.

What I smell isn’t a presidential bid. It smells more like ass.

Yes, the ass she’s giving out on every political streetcorner to lay the groundwork for her Presidential ambitions. I think this analogy makes Howard Dean a pimp…

Sorry, but this adult still reads the rag, and doesn’t think it’s anyone else’s responsibility for what my child hears, reads, or watches other than mine.

I’m being facetious; I’m a newspaper reporter. And readership actually is down. I don’t disagree with any of your points and the whole phenomenon irritates me.

Standing ovation for that one, Marley - “The Helen Lovejoy Expressway”. Hope to make this a SDMB staple…

Thanks for the claification. I’m a strong supporter of print news, and not the news bite papers, either.

Excuse me if I yawn.


Now then. It appears that Senator Clinton has, "asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to investigate the origins of a downloadable modification that allows simulated sex in the personal computer version of one of the most popular and controversial video games in history.

So what’s the Senator’s solution?

Sorry, I just can’t get too -er- excited about threats to restrict virtual sex games to adults. Also, I don’t see any evidence that proposed legislation would stop parents from giving kids whatever games they chose, anyway. Johnny just wouldn’t be able to purchase Grand Theft Porno himself.
[sup]1[/sup]I should confess that my disturbance is less than deep.

And it’s not like the kids aren’t going to be able to download the adult version of the game via emule, Kazaa, Limewire, or any of the other P2P networks out there.

I’ll probably vote for Hillary, and I agree that this does indeed smell like ass. I hate it when the person I’m gonna vote for takes a position against one of my “pet causes.” Stupid two party system.

Yeah, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I’m sure I’ll still be closer to H. Clinton’s positions on most issues than the Republican party, if history is any indication.

Cross your fingers. Maybe she won’t make it past the primaries.

If Clinton gets the nod, there is no way I’ll vote for her. I might vote for the Republican nominee, depending on who it is. Otherwise, I shall leave it blank or once again vote for a third party.

And this video game stuff is pure bullshit. Last I checked, kids generally don’t have a lot of money, meaning mommy and daddy are the ones buying this stuff–both the console and the game. If the kid does have enough money to buy the game, well then he’s probably old enough to play something like GTA (though I have never seen the appeal in it myself.) If you’re buying video games for a young kid, get them a Gamecube. (I like Nintendo’s type of games and don’t have a problem with the lack of Halo or GTA or so on for the Gamecube.)

The real funny thing is that the modification is for PC only, not the console. As I see it, most people who have the game have the console version. Of all those with the PC version, how many go to the trouble of modding their games? This is not something a naive child is likely to do.

It’s just another easy target for rhetoric and the illusion that SOMETHING IS BEING DONE.

Wonder how this thread would have gone had it been Bill Frist who instigated the investigation?

Probably, nearly every response would have been vehement disagreement.
Oh, wait . . .

GTA San Andreas is the hot button issue? Give me a damn break! Aren’t there more important things to worry about? Besides that, don’t we already have enough nanny government “for our own good”? I call bullshit on it.