It takes guts to say 'Jesus'!

Well, probably not what you expected, but I’m passing along what I just received, from a reliable source, in my e-mail.

Hoax, has been around for about a year.

Check out this site:


What is the right form?

These hoaxes all seem to say similar things

  • don’t open an e-mail titled '…
  • this is a new dangerous virus
  • Microsoft/Bill Gates/IBM have issued a specialwarning

Since you can’t get a virus from an e-mail, only from an attachment, it’s only the credulous who worry. Mind you one of our technicians e-mailed all staff warning them not to open any e-mails unless they knew what the e-mail said…

Well, that takes care of that it would seem! :slight_smile:

Thanks Doctor: I’ll sleep better tonight.

glee wrote:

And, most importantly:

  • forward this warning to everyone you know.

The classic sign of a hoax.

Any email warning which does not give you a website to verify the warning should be immediately ignored and deleted.

Any email that says to pass it on should be immediately ignored and deleted.

Any email with more than one FWD: in the header should be immediately ignored and deleted.

They are all evil. Those who have sent them have sinned and have jeopardized the eternal salvation of their souls.


If you wanna REALLY punish them, take away their cable for a month.

Better yet, punish them by making them watch Eight Is Enough reruns for a month.

Must say that my “reliable source” is much more at ease in financial circles that in computer ones. He’s been seriously burnt once before and has been a bit paranoid since. We live. We learn.

No, we don’t! If we did, people would not still be forwarding these hoaxes, YEARS after the first one came out.

Whenever I get a fwd. that says “DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAIL NAMED ‘XXXXXX’” where XXXXXX = something like “It Takes Guts to say Jesus,” I’ll wait a day or two, then write back to the person who sent it to me, and I put “XXXXXX” in the title bar to see if they get all freaked out, thinking they’ve received a virus. Usually, though, they’ve forgotten the warning and they read the email anyway. It’s a good way for me to amuse myself.

Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?