It tastes like the art teacher's office


Okay. Two things.

1.) This candy has no narcotic effects. It just tastes like grass. I don’t see the point in banning it.

2.) I’ve never considered Pot to have a wonderful taste, frankly, so I don’t see why anyone would actually buy this candy for the taste. Actually, I don’t see why anyone would buy this candy period.

So it’s stupid on both sides, but I still think they should let this guy sell it. Selling candy that tastes bad is not a crime and shouldn’t be.

Otherwise we’d have to lock up the producers of Candy Corn Rimshot

Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

I see these lollipops every now and then, and I wonder who buys them. If I want to taste pot, I will buy pot. Kids, don’t be like me … but if I’m not going to get high off the lollipop, I’ll buy a Blow Pop instead and have gum to show for it when I’m finished.

And I have to add, that thread title made me giggle. And I’m still at work–no art teachers in sight. :wink:

I’m sure harmless will be along with appropriate smiley art shortly.