It wab jubt an innocent mibtake

NY election mix-up

Bullbhit. Bome abbhole did thib on purpobe.

(I like that the AP called it a “typographical terror”. Heh.)

Your keyboarding errors are not very believable, as the ‘b’ key is 3 over and 1 down from the ‘s’ key.

…There’s a woosh here, but damned if I can tell who’s wooshing who.

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I like the article’s fourth sentence:

No?!? Really? I must make a note of that information! I mean, here I am, just made a miraculous recovery after twelve years in a coma–all my doctors were shocked and amazed, let me tell you–and I’m trying to make up my mind about who to vote for in the Presidential election.

Now, what’s this about the stock market? The Dow’s at 8,000? Hot damn!

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Knowing Rensselaer County, it’s less likely it was intentional, and more likely that one of the members of the board of elections gave the ballot printing job to his incompetent drunk cousin.

Either that, or it was given to Joe Bruno’s incompetent drunk cousin.

Probably true. Given that the error appeared in only one district out of the whole county, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was some numbnuts making a brainfart. (“B” to “S” is not a plausible single-letter typo, but I’ve often found myself typing completely wrong words which are similar to the one I meant.)

Why would they have 13 differenct versions of the ballot?

Leave it to Liberal to automatically assume it was done maliciously. I can believe it was a typo. True, the S key is nowhere B key, but it is near the A key. It’s easy to imagine a fat-fingered typist hitting A and S at the same time and typing OBSAMA, then screwing up the subsequent edit (slip of the mouse places the caret one letter off, for example) by deleting the wrong letter.

In Los Angeles County, multiple versions of the ballot are sent out to minimize any advantage of a candidate’s name being listed first on the ballot. This assumes people vote the same way they pick a plumber out the yellow pages.

Harder to explain away are the ballots featuring Barack Obama and John McHitler.

The average voter is a moron. I wouldn’t not assume they vote that way.

Christ. Maybe we don’t deserve fair elections. Maybe we deserve nuclear annihilation. And by ‘we’ I mean the entire human race.

So where’s Bricker denouncing this transparently partisan ploy on the part of Republicans? Sure, the election commissioners issued a statement claiming that it was just an honest typographical error, but why should we believe them?

(Meh, it’s hard to maintain the full Bricker-like intensity of sneering assholishness unless you actually are Bricker. He must have to practice a lot.)

Apparently Rensselaer County has 14 towns and 2 cities. It also includes 2 Congressional districts and 2 New York Assembly districts. Depending on which town or city and which districts you were in, you would need the appropriate ballot to vote for the right measures and candidates.

Los Angeles voters must be even stupider than most.

The reason the county would have 13 different ballots is because of various permutations of overlapping municipal, state legislative, and congressional district borders. Every county election board in the state (except for New York City which has a single citywide board) has to figure all that stuff out every year.

It’s an AP article- for global consumption, not just American readers.

And to think- I thought you were losing your touch.

Man, one day I’d love to be able to use that phrase, it too funny.
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Pretty much, yeah.