It was obvious to everyone else...

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of attending my first baseball game at Wrigley Field. I also had my most embarassing Chicago moment so far.

The men’s restrooms are set up with the ever-popular trough system.

The sinks look very much like one of those troughs.

I peed in the sink. I didn’t realize I was doing it till someone came up to wash his hands, and looked at me VERY oddly.

I made sure to not return to that same restroom again.

No wonder the Cubs haven’t won a pennant in 57 years. They can’t even get the bathroom right! :smiley:

Zev Steinhardt


One of the hazards of being tall, I suppose. Were you 5’4" instead of 6’4" (or however tall you are), I doubt you would have made the same mistake.

So where did you wash your hands?

Geez, Mr C, even my 5 year old son knew to pee in the trough! :wink:

In the toilet, of course! It had this brown soap in it that didn’t work too good though.

I had a similar experience. Well, not so similar. At Wrigley, I couldn’t figure out how to turn the sink on. I managed to pee in the correct trough, but I was completely stymied by the bizarre contraption that I suspected was a sink.

I had some Budweiser left at my seat, so at least I was able to wash my hands.

That’s too funny. Although you should know I’m sure you made that guys day. He now has a story to tell for weeks on end.

Eh. The sink was the kind I grew up with in elementary school - the semicircle, with the foot bar, where multiple people can wash their hands at once.

A kid crapped in one in second grade, but never did I hear someone urinating in one . . .

I have nothing to add, since I have never mistakenly peed anywhere, but I just had to say that was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. :slight_smile:

A foot pedal! Ah ha! Learn something new every day.

Note to self…

Should Mr. Cynical ever come to my house, be sure to label which is the sink and which is the toilet. :smiley:

Try attending a few games at Fenway.

It doesn’t matter where you whizz, because none of the plumbing works anyway.

Just a friendly tip…