It wasn’t a coup

It wasn’t a coup

yes it was and the attempt continues

Hanged, on Fifth Avenue, in broad daylight, with a Trump brand tie.

But, but, but they were organized.
Check out CNN and MSNBC
dump FOX

Are you advocating murder-?
Just asking

The problem is as I think someone said above (unless it was another thread) that there weren’t just one set of invaders. There certainly was a group that had specific targets in mind, planned their attack and came prepared. But there was also a larger number who were caught up in the moment saw an opportunity to make a scene and stick it to the Libs. Its this second group that provided cover for the first group. So to a large extent you are both right. There a motley bunch of disorganized rabble stormed the capitol within which was a organized group who planned to take hostages and possibly execute sitting members of congress.

What concerns me the most is the persons who stormed the White House and their followers.

Most of them honestly believed what Trump was saying

Being good American citizens, they honestly believed they were doing the right thing based on what the president of the USA was saying.

I hope the FBI and local police understand this. I would not object to pardons for most of them. Those who used this for devious purposes need to be charge for their crime.

Sounds like the Steve Martin Defense.

Just say those magic words: “I forgot”.

“Your Honor, I forgot armed robbery was a crime.”

NEW: Audio of militia members narrating the Capitol invasion:

“We have a good group: 30 to 40 of us. We’re sticking together and sticking to the plan."

“We are in the main dome right now."

“Keep going.”

"…Everything we fucking trained for.”

Your honor, my client really needed the money, and as you can see by this affidavit, he honestly thought that it would be OK to rob the bank, because some folks told him that it was the right thing to do.

Of course not, it’s a colloquialism. Like being ‘hoisted by a petard’. Let them get their just deserts.

Bizarre to live in a time where killing congressmen is even a topic and that you DIDN’T advocate for that.

I just did a bit of musing in a concurrent thread about the ongoing radicalization of US conservatism, if you’ll forgive my quoting myself:

I did not say “all” of them were innocent.
There were some who were duped by da dump because Trump was/is the President of the USA

Wow. The FBI is going to be busy.

My bet is the criminals among them will use the same excuse.

I suspect it will play differently in court with all the broken glass, mayhem, and a man’s skull caved in with a fire extinguisher.


That is a great analogy, thanks

“Pence? Never really liked the guy. No guts. Just a pussy, really.”

Exactly. And what happens the next time we have a Presidential election in which the House and Senate are both controlled by Republicans? There’s no reason to think this won’t happen as soon as 2024.

We are already in a situation where no Democratic president is likely to get a Supreme Court nominee confirmed by a Republican-controlled Senate.

We may soon find ourselves in a situation where no Democrat gets elected president if the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans. After all, all they have to do is to claim fraud, regardless of the veracity of the allegations.

You are insane and delusional if you think that is at all possible. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That shitty tie would rip before he hung.

That being said, I tend to follow the RCP aggregate. And looking today, Trump approval has fallen off a cliff and headed downward as more recent polls are added, and older polls removed.

I would be cautious about making assumptions concerning why his approval is falling off a cliff. RWA’s like “strong men” and don’t like “losers” and their categorization changes faster than today’s newspaper becomes tomorrow’s fishwrap. Trump is now pretty clearly a loser. His effort last Wednesday failed. His avenues for maintaining power have pretty much gone. He’s lost his Twitter voice. His henchmen are leaving the sinking ship.

My guess would be that a lot of his RWA supporters (and that will amount to a huge percentage of his supporters) won’t be dumping him because he tried to organize a coup, but because his coup failed.