"IT" will be revealed on Monday

On Monday, GMA will reveal what “IT” is.

I haven’t followed this much since the initial hoopla last winter (or whenever it was). Is the consensus still some type of scooter?

Also, last chance to make predictions!
Jet-packs, disposable cars, teleporters anyone?

Oh, for goodness sake, Elinor Glyn revealed “It” back in 1926, and I quote:

“To have ‘It,’ the fortunate possessor must have that strange magnetism which attracts both sexes. ‘It’ is a purely virile quality, belonging to a strong character. He or she must be entirely unself-conscious and full of self-confidence, indifferent to the effect he or she is producing, and uninfluenced by others. There must be physical attraction, but beauty is unnecessary. Conceit or self-consciousness destroys ‘It’ immediately.”

And one does NOT argue with Madame Glyn, unless one wants an emerald lobbed off one’s forehead.

—Eve, The It Girl of 2001

Well, for cripes sake then Eve, I’ve had “that” for ages!

Is “that” “it” then?

That’s “It” as far as Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno, the doorman at the Ambassador Hotel, Rex the Wonder Horse, and I are concened.

[Note: the first four were reported by Madame Glyn to have “It”—Rex the Wonder Horse choice gives us an interesting glimpse into the Madame’s fantasy life!]

Oh, joy. I shall be absolutely beside myself with anticipation and excitement all weekend, hopping nervously from foot to foot and hoping the excitement isn’t too much for my system, for to pass out from the anticipation would truly diminish what shall no doubt be one of the landmark turning points of my entire life, overshadowing even the time I got a buy-one-get-one-free Pepsi bottle cap.

[Professor Frink]

My sarcasm meter is off the charts over here

[/Professor Frink]

Whoop-de-doo. Whatever it is, I won’t be able to afford it anyway. :rolleyes:

All I know is, three days after I stand in line for six hours to buy “it” for the amazingly low price of $299.95, “it” will be on sale at Fryes for $89.95.