Italian Film Buffs? Help ID This Movie - (Toughie)

I was flipping through the channels and came across what was clearly a foreign language channel… And of course, as my luck would have it, it’s in Italian, and there are no subtitles. So this will be fun for me to try and explain, and if anyone does succeed in IDing it - Kudos to you.


I came in partway through the movie, and had to leave before the end. It was clearly some sort of psychological thriller. At the scene where I came in, a man who looked maybe Russian Mafia-ish is picking up a boy (Julio, who looks like the kid from Witness) from school. Boy goes along obligingly, but Julio’s mother (who bears a resemblance to Isabella Rosellini, I think) shows up in time to foil the kidnapping moments before they drive away.

Cut to a scene in which I would assume that Mom is bitching at the school for letting her son take off with some strange guy. Later on, she’s at home with her (very handsome) boyfriend. [Some stuff happens, but I don’t think it was too relevant, and I was somewhat distracted putting my coffee order in with my mother] Next scene I see, Mom and Julio are walking around the apartment, which is a shambles. Mom is crying, Julio is helping pick stuff up. Boyfriend comes home, and Mom, in her fear, starts screaming and hitting at him, until she realizes who it is. He sees the place, and is of course upset. They head up to the roof, and see the young Russian-ish dude running down a stairway. (BTW, Russian has a tattoo on the back of his neck)

OK, now seeing as I can’t understand more than two words of this movie, I can only guess at the conversation that follows - but it would appear that Boyfriend thinks maybe he’s the reason for these incidents. Possibly he owes someone money? I’m going strictly on mood music and body language here. At any rate, Mom takes Julio to her parents’ villa for safekeeping. Mom’s relationship with her mother is clearly strained, but she’s also clearly a Daddy’s girl. So while she and her Daddy are inside talking, you see Julio riding down towards the gate on his bicycle, the front bumper of the villain’s car is visible in front of the gate. Phone inside starts ringing, Grandma comes in to answer it, and hands it to Mom. Russian dude is on the phone, clearly informing her that he’s outside. Mom goes rushing outside yelling for Julio, whom she eventually finds outside playing happily on the path. Russian makes some sort of demand/threat/warning, and hangs up. Next day, she shows up at what appears to be her attorney’s office, who, from the sound of things, tells her there’s not much he can do.

And that’s all I got to see. But I think the biggest part of my draw towards this movie is how much of it I was able to understand and appreciate even without understanding Italian - it seemed to me fairly well acted and directed. So, if anyone has any idea what flick this is, I’m eternally grateful.

Your description reminds me a little of The Flight of the Innocent but I haven’t seen it since it came out so some of the details are fuzzy, and the names don’t quite match. Still, it’s worth a shot…