Italian jounalist turned over Niger/Uranium docs to US

Hi folks, long time lurker here. I feel like a mental midget compared to some of you debaters on both sides of the Iraq issue, and always come out of this place more informed on any issue really - but enough of the gratuitous strokin’…I stumbled on this piece from Yahoo’s news site yesterday and was certain that I would find mention of it in GD, but so far it doesn’t seem to bite, so I thought I 'd start a thread about it. (Apologies if this has been covered somewhere else already).

Here’ s the link:
The gist of it: This Italian journalist claims that she turned over the documents relating to Iraq’s attempt to purchase Uranium from Niger to the US. She won’t name her source, and claims to have travelled to Niger to check the story out, and upon returning, decided that the docs were bogus, and her paper decided not to publish. She then turned over the documents to US diplomats.

Funny thing, there are no dates mentioned in the article, so I wonder when exactly this all happened. Also, if this checks out, I wonder now if indeed our government learned “from the British” about the forged docs, or did we know about them a lot earlier, and not from a British intelligence source…any thoughts?

Interesting. True? Who knows.