Italian translation: skyooneetz

My late wife was of Italian heritage, 3 generations removed from the Old Country (Naples, IIRC). She didn’t speak a word of the language, but her vocabulary was peppered with words and phrases she picked up from her father and grandparents.

Naturally, since she didn’t speak Italian the pronunciation undoubtedly got garbled, there was never any spelling, and the literal translation is unknown.

One of these words was used to address a child, and sounded like “skyooneetz”. From context, it may have meant something like “cutie”…but knowing my father-in-law it could just as well have meant “asshole”. :slight_smile:

Any ideas what this word was?

How about “scugnizzo” - old fashioned word that translates as ragamuffin or street urchin. A quick dictionary check says it comes from Naples.

That sounds like a perfect match. Thanks!