Items that you always find for sale in truck stops.

Regardless of where are you are, what are some things truck stops always seem to have in stock?
I always see knives for sale at truck stops, and not just little pocket knives that might come in handy when you’re working on your rig, but big ass hunting knives, samurai swords, even throwing stars. I’ve always wondered how well these sell. Do a lot of truckers carry these in their cabs?
What are some other items that are common to the truck stops of America?

Garish t-shirts with wolves and eagles.
American flag bandannas.
Snow globes.
CB and cell phone accessories.
Books on tape/cd.



Remote control cars (??)

Cassette Tapes.

No Doz
Energy drinks
Preparation H

Gene Tracy cassettes, although I’ll be shocked if anyone here is familiar with him.

A wide variety of beef jerky.

Bungee cords

Even the smallest will have small parts and tools-light covers, fuses, bulbs, nuts and screws, electrical connectors, tapes, glue, anything needed to make minor repairs, oils, grease, etc. Also books-on-tape or used paperbacks, CDs.

The biggest ones are like a small department store-think anything that will fit in the cab of a truck or can be worn or carried by the driver.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned condoms.

NASCAR commemorative items. Especially Dale Earnhardt items.

Forgot to add such things as pharmaceuticals, snack foods and drinks.

Mudflaps of Yosemite Sam saying “Back Off”

Mudflap silhouettes of nude women

Condoms (in the men’s room)

Thank you. No longer surprised.

Lot Lizards? Does renting count?

Tie-downs, tow-straps, lighters and STP.

visor hats with some graphic or words.

They sell posters of girls washing cars
And unicorns and stars
And Guns N’ Roses album covers…

(Linking to song lyrics is OK, right?)


Dark matter.