It's 4:24 AM. Shut Up!

It’s 4:24 AM as I begin to type this. From 3:53 to 4:09 you sat outside with your profanity-laden rap music playing loudly enough that I could understand every fuck this, bitch that, suck my dick the other word inside my house, a room away from the street, even though you were parked across the street and up the block.

At 4:10 the music stopped. I was about to be happy but then the yelling argument started. Now the fuck this and bitch that and suck my dick other was coming from you, at increasing volume and levels of agitation.

It’s 4:26 now and you’re still at it. I’ve heard two of my neighbors yell at you to shut up because it’s after four in the fucking morning and you assholes actually had the nerve to yell back at them to mind their own business.

Hey, dickheads, when someone is yelling outside of my window at 4 in the morning, it is my business.

Go back to whatever hellhole you came from and pull this shit there. Oh, no, wait, you can’t, because now I see who you are. You’re the new neighbors who came from some godforsaken ghetto from hell. And I can guaranfuckingtee you that whatever slimepit you came from, your neighbors there, being the denizens of a slimepit, would not have merely yelled at you for arguing in the street at 4 AM, they would’ve come outside and showed you why that sort of antisocial behavior is unacceptable. You’re taking advantage of the fact that this neighborhood is more civilized than the hellhole you recently vacated.

It’s 4:32. I can still hear you. Now you’re yelling at the cops who thankfully took my 911 call about a voluble and violent argument outside at this hour quite seriously, and came with a quickness. (Now if only their flashing red and blue lights weren’t strobing into all of our windows at this hour. But that’s another story.)

You know, I don’t care if this night ends up with you in jail, cited for public disturbance or just getting a swift talking-to. You’re having face time with cops who will remember you, make note of you and where you live, and will have your address on record should someone have to call 911 on your asses again. Knowing that you come from slums, I’m betting that having to deal with cops is really making your night.

It’s now 4:36. Another police car has arrived. Many car doors are being opened and closed. These are sounds I can accept at this hour because they sound like someone might be heading for lockup.

Sucks to be you, assholes. Remember this the next time you think you can inflict your selfish, stupid, classless behavior on the community in which you now (hopefully temporarily) dwell.

Maybe by 4:45 I will be asleep.

Yeah, good luck with that. I used to live in that neighbourhood.

Goddamn minorities driving down our property values!!!

But yeah, I’d definitely be pissed if someone was blaring any sort of music at 4 AM. Even if it was Mozart or the Beatles.

This has nothing to do with minorities. I’m black. There are 16 houses on my block and 13 of them are occupied by black families, and 1 by a black-white interracial family. And that’s been the racial makeup of the block, give or take a household, for the entire time I’ve lived here, which is 35 years.

Just the same, this has always been a quiet, friendly, family-oriented, upper working class neighborhood. We keep our houses well-maintained. We mow our lawns and shovel our snow. We have actual porch furniture, not kitchen chairs we drag outside or worse, old broken down sofas. We keep our pets inside or in our backyards and don’t chain our dogs on the porch to bark menacingly at everyone who passes by. We don’t subject our neighbors to our personal entertainment choices any further than maybe having the car radio on with windows down while we wax it or detail it in our driveways. And then it’s commercial radio or maybe a ballgame.

And we sure as hell don’t have screaming arguments outside at 4 in the morning.

This has nothing to do with race. Not all black people are uncouth idiots from the ghetto. These new neighbors clearly are. They’ve chosen to move here, they need to start paying attention to how we live here, or GTFO. And if they do it again, I’ll call 911 again, and again, and again until they get the message that their behavior is not appropriate.

I have the exact same problem the OP does, with white “crackers” who come down out of the hills of Missouri, and the nether regions of Michigan, Minnesota, etc., looking for work in “the city.”

Instead of rap, it’s Kid Rock or somesuch hoosier rocker and these assholes dancing on the hoods and roofs of other people’s cars, and playing WWE out in the street at ungodly hours.

Unlike tumble, our local PD won’t do shit about it, other than drive by once in any given evening and ask them to keep it down.

So take you racial stereotyping and shove it right back up the shitty ass it dropped from.

Pretty sure he was just joking.

:smack: There’s a very good reason I shouldn’t post before A.M. coffee.

Hey, I dig your passion, baby. But, yeah…go ahead and have that coffee.

No, but profiling seems accurate. When we complained about our neighbors, every one I knew online said, “Is she black? is she fat?” Why yes, how on earth did you know? They just knew. Lest you go, oh all your friends are racist, the black man working at the pharmacy said “Is she my ethnicity?” Yes, why you say that? “It figures, I’m sorry to say”, he said.

Hey, I’m just impressed you’re able to type at all without coffee. Hope tumbledown is enjoying some well-deserved rest.

Coffee, or lack thereof, has never affected my aim. So I just shoot the keys that I want to type.

Hard on keyboards, yes, but it has also mitigated the “asshole hoosier neighbor” factor somewhat.

Well, yes, but it’s not a race-specific thing. Had it been a Chinese guy and a woman from Azerbaijan blaring profanity-laden music (of any sort, though is there any music as profane as hardcore rap?) and screaming at one another at 4 a.m. I still would’ve called police and ranted that their behavior may have been tolerated in the place that they came from, but is not here.

I honestly don’t give a rip who you are, maintain some damned thought for other people in the community, is what it comes down to.

And RNATB I got about 4.5 hours of sleep. I’ll be napping later, no doubt. No Steelers game today, and it’s also a sheet of ice outside, so I can cop a few hours in the afternoon.

I take it you’ve never heard of ICP… it’s rap, but they’re white rappers, and hardcore isn’t exactly the right word for it.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, hates black people more than black waiters. They will bitch, whine, and complain without irony about how much they hate black people (who are generally considered to be very poor tippers). It’s a fun spectacle to watch them curse and swear in the back of the restaurant, then turn on the charm once they get to the table.

My bedroom window overlooks a street used as visitor parking for nearby apartments. There is a lot of party/drug activity on the weekend; people of all types come and go during the wee hours. They’re generally quite boisterous, their car engines/exhausts are noisy, and they inevitably have their sub-woofers cranked up. They are white, hispanic, asian, folks from the indian subcontinent, and yes, even black. They’re **all **jerks.

Point taken. In my defense, I was being facetious.

See, the last five times I heard a rant like this it was from some mouthbreather bitching about those “damn immigrants” with their Catholic religion and their spicy food and so on.

If it had been a Chinese guy and an Azerbaijan woman, it would’ve been damn funny (apart from the 4 AM part) IMO. Especially if they were screaming in two different languages.

Most definitely.

I just assumed that tumbleddown was talking about them as classless, clueless jerks because they were acting like classless, clueless jerks.

Yes they were. That I know what neighborhood they moved here from certainly played a part in my pointing out that what they were up to might’ve been usual there but won’t fly here but you know, screaming fights at 4 a.m. shouldn’t be the norm anywhere. No one deserves that crap.

In my neighborhood I have to put up with people blaring music at all hours on the weekends, but during the week it’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop. As a white person I am the ethnic minority. I don’t mind them partying on the weekends, sure sometimes it’s obnoxious but for the most part I just tune it out. There is something about this neighborhood that while has some ghetto aspects to it also has a homey vibe where people actually give a shit about it. I really like Dominicans. :wink:

One time some asshole drove by at 6:30 AM with his music blaring, some black lady came out and gave him a quiet dressing down, his music got turned off very quickly. It was awesome. :wink: