It's 5°F and could blizzard. I fall into a stupor on a snowbank, will I be like in The Shining?

Spoilers below.
This weather is getting to me. First I wonder if I can notice lung-warming by smoking, and now this: after intense research known as a Wiki “hypothermia” consult, and following a few refs, I know about the water-immersed conclusions.

What if I ran and ran for the bus and conked out, and everybody disappeared at that moment? Would I be a full Jack Torrance by sun-up?

Depends on how long it is between conked and sun-up I suppose.

Well, that’s my point, and of course on the weather, my clothing, physical state, etc., as described in general hypothermia, despite the joke hed. Which serves me right if no-one else looks at the post.

I suspect the Jack Torrance thing is equivalent to the Hollywood I’m just shot in the side I’ll go on fighting.