It's 7/7/07, are you feeling lucky?

Well, are yah punk?

I am not a punk. I’m calling HR on you. Bully.


Let me add that it’s also the seventh day of the week.

and yes, I do.

No it isn’t.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

What’s hard about this? :wink:

There are seven days in a week and the last day of the week is Sunday.
Saturday is the sixth.

Funny, Foxwoods is giving away $7,000 every 7 minutes to every 7th customer today, with every 7th winner winning 777 million each time the clock sticks 7:00.

Or something like that.

I’m feeling indifferent to be honest. But part of me is wondering if something might happen as today is the 2 year aniversary of the london bombings.

Sorry, I was using a Calendar! :smack:

In the United States, calenders normally list the week as starting on Sunday, so Saturday appears last (7th). My understanding that in Europe the normal practice is to list Monday as the first day of the week, which makes Saturday the sixth day of the week.

Wrong, Saturday is the 7th, the week begins on a Sunday

Wiki tells me so

I really didn’t know this!

You guys just have to be different don’t you :wink:

Not just different… but special :smiley:

Oh yeah, — and LUCKY! :cool:

Today is my 21st birthday–07+07+07=21.

I’m going to the big mall, maybe I’ll get lucky and find some cute clothes.

OK that’s just silly. Your 21 (7+7+7) Birthday is on the mirror image date of 07 07 07, and your name is Mirror Image egamI rorriM.

OK, I know that you weren’t looking for anything too deep, but yes, I feel lucky.

All my life my mom and dad talked about the family luck being bad. If something bad happened it was always “That’s just the Smith* Family luck kicking in.” No matter what happened, it was always looked at in a negative light.

But I gotta say that maybe it is how you frame it. Two years ago I nearly died (OK sorry, I probably mention it too often, but it *was *a pretty big moment in my life…) Mom said “That’s just the Smith Family luck kicking in.” She seems to think that I had horrible luck that night.

My thought: I was lucky enough to have a surgeon both skilled and dedicated enough to spend 10 1/2 hours saving my life. I could have had someone less skilled and *that *would have been bad luck.

Life isn’t perfect and some days are still a struggle, but yeah, I feel pretty lucky.

(Now if I win the lottery today I’ll feel *even *luckier! :))

*Not our real last name.

Look everyone! Content.


Oh, and Lobsang, your calendars obviously must be operating via the metric system.

No. I will let you know if I become rich or famous today, in which case I will defer may last statement.