It's a blue moon

Anyone doing anything special to celebrate?

You know, sometimes I wonder…

Read This!.

Then write a nasty letter to NGS correcting their error.

No plans yet. But the song “Blue Moon” is playing on the oldie station right now. That do-wop stuff was pretty good. Maybe it is time for a celebration.

It’s not here. Even allowing for the incorrect attribution of the phrase *blue moon * to the second full moon in a calendar month, the full moon occurred in Sydney early this morning (Sunday 1 August).

More blue moon “facts”.

Yes, but only once.

The night Suburban Plankton and I had our first date it was a blue moon. December 31, 1990. Wow, time flies. Every blue moon is kind of an anniversary for us.

How romantic!

Just thought I’d add a little info. from ccwb’s cite.

According to Hiscock an authority on blue moon history and folklore…

So Cuntater, you’ll get mooned twice NEXT month…accdg to Hiscock. :wink:

It’s all Sky & Telescope’s fault!

Now there’s an interesting mental image.

They mentioned the blue moon on the news the other night. My wife said, “I wonder how often those happen?” I just had to bite my tongue… :smiley:

I attended (my first) lesbian wedding. Two wonderful friends of mine got married, with much community support, in a small town. I asked if they deliberately chose this weekend, as it’s not only the blue moon, but it’s also pride weekend in Vancouver. (It was just a happy coincidence)

Cuntater? sorry bout that Cunctator I can’t imagine WTF I was thinking with that slip of the tongue. :smack:

I’m going to celebrate the birth of a new Smurf! :smiley:

“La, la, la la la laaa, la, la la la laaaaaaa!”

I watched that moon come up over the announcer’s shack, and I watched it go down while putting the horses away. Yes, we roped all night - spanned two different months and a blue moon!