It's a bus! It's a truck!

Actually, I don’t exactly know what it was but it was certainly big! My usual route from the bus stop to my job takes me past a hotel, this morning I spotted this thing in the hotel parking lot. With the front end of a long-nose semi and a body shape reminicent of a vintage Greyhound, it appeared to be an R/V built on a 25’ ten-wheel truck chassis.

Did it look like one of these?
I wanna Pilgrimage. Real bad.

Ah, that’s the link I was trying to find. Take the Pilgramage, change the front end to one of these Peterbilts, add about 15 feet and you get the idea.

If I see it again I’ll look for a manufacturer’s name, they probably have a website.

Ethilrist, that site was so funny. On the order form one of the options is a heliport <snort>!

I want a dominator. I need a dominator. Will somebody be my dominator?

I was searching the 'Net and think I found the manufacturer of that unusual RV: Cowboy Cadillac.