It's a flashlight! It's a lightsaber! It's SUPER LASER!!

CNN story

Take THAT 1920’s style death ray!

Wasn’t Dr. Octopus doing something like that in Spiderman II?

I don’t know, but I did get one in my breakfast cereal the other day. :smiley:
It rocked!

…unless you pay me. . . . . . . . 1 Bazillion, gajillin, flabillion dollars!

Maybe the reason we don’t meet up with many alien life forms, is that most of them manage to blow up their planet doing fundamental physics experiments before they manage to invent practical space travel technology? Just sayin.

Dopefest at the NIF!!! Who’s bringing the bag of Tritium?

Oooh. So when do we destroy Alderaan?

Give us the location of the Rebel base!!!

causing an explosion and self-sustaining release of energy.




I, erm, meant to do that.

And on another note, would this sort of process lead to limitless energy?

Now we can replace the hampsters with a Hydrogen fusion anti matter laser thingie.

So now we have 2000s-style Death Rays…cool!

Did the article mention a hydrogen bomb? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Dude, its not just any Tritium. Its Precious Tritium. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fermi listed as one of the possible reasons that we haven’t been contacted by aliens is that any civilization with technology capable of interstellar travel manages to destroy itself in nuclear war.

The second relevant Fermi tale may be a UL. The scientists on the Manhattan project had bets on how many megatons the first bomb would yield. One was betting it would be a dud. Fermi had a side bet that the explosion would cause a chain reaction, igniting the entire atmosphere.

All babies are cute and all Tritium is precious.

How did he plan on collecting from that bet if he won?

LeeshaJoy I’ve never been clear on that myself.