It's a handgun! It's a shotgun! Fragmenting bullets: what's their story?

Saw this: “Multiple Impact Bullet.

Surely this has been thought about since whenever. But that’s not to say that some tech breakthrough has now made it better functioning.

Also, new tactics in light of other weapons are important? I see pluses and minuses. Luckily I am not on their marketing team.


This is a close range weapon, and body armor will probably stop the fragments fairly easily.

Most firearms were developed for hunting or military use. This weapon can’t be used for either.

Will it work as well as they claim? Perhaps. Only way to find out : make a target with water jugs and go test it out on the range!

See here for the testing procedure you would follow :

I think you should send these guys a box of the ammo and have them test it out.

The link only appears to have info on the 12 gauge shot gun shell, with the handgun ammo ‘coming soon’.

The question I would have about handgun or rifle ammo would be when does the bullet separate into shot particles? If it is inside the barrel of your pistol that is a bad thing. Shotgun barrels are usually smooth bore and rifle and hand guns have a rifled bore. The shell coming apart inside a handgun barrel seems like a recipe for disaster, and a good way to ruin the rifling in the barrel.

Then there is the issue of the spread pattern of the shot once it leaves the barrel. The short barrel of a handgun is going to start spreading the shot once it leaves the gun, like a shotgun does. Except it a long barreled shot gun there is more travel time in the barrel to keep the shot in a tight pattern. No shot-shell shot from a pistol is going to stay tight enough to hit any thing outside of the room. And if it holds together until it hits the target, then separates, all you have is an advanced hollow point.

Seems like novelty ammo to me.

Looks like the sections are tethered so they don’t separate too far. The shot pattern on that target shows it pretty well.

But yeah, it’s really just bait for gun…enthusiasts.

Just emailed them a note and the URL. Let them buy it themselves, or the ammo company will give them if they’re on the up and up.
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You swine are using dum-dums !

If you can get all three fragments and the center bullet on target, you can get a single regular bullet on target too, so this is for people who want to have a good chance of landing 25-75% as much damage as a good shooter with a regular bullet.

The tether looks like it could really slice through a person, but I doubt it is strong enough to stay intact during impact and do too much damage.

So it’s like chain-shot?

The fuck?

He’s going on about getting rounds on target, and in a number of the targets, one or more fragments clearly misses. If everything is tethered together, the missing mass is going to seriously affect the terminal performance of the bit that hits, as they will counter any penetration. They’re not clear that the tether is supposed to break, so I’ll assume that it does. (If it doesn’t, how do you expect to penetrate a rib cage?)

If it does break, for those fragments that do hit, penetration is related to mass – the heavier you are, the deeper you’ll go. You have a third of the mass of your normal bullet, so you’ll be penetrating a lot less. It’s also an irregularly shaped projectile striking at a horrible orientation, which isn’t going to help. Also, those fragments that missed are now a downrange liability.

I find it interesting that they made this bullet starting in 2009, yet provide no terminal performance information whatsoever. I suspect the reason why is, “because it sucks.” In addition, because you’re spreading out the fragments form your point of aim, if you target the center of mass of the target, you’re going to hit the periphery of the target, which will miss the vital structures you need to disrupt.

I’ll stick with my jacketed hollowpoints and 00 buck.

Hmmm… After checking out the entire web site and looking at this part of the site, the product looks promising, IMHO. YMMV

The concept here seems to be to increase the odds that at least one fragment hits the target. It’s better that than a complete miss. Now, one issue here is that in actual “panic fire” situations, this kind of ammo would only help if the bullets would have otherwise missed by only a little bit. Your shots have to be close to hitting the target or this kind of ammo will not help.

Pretty much. They look like regular bolo rounds to me here:

I can’t image these bullets being legal in Florida per §790.31.

I think it is the legal hurdles rather than the technological ones that have prevented the development of such rounds. I don’t think Florida is the only state that outlaws bolo rounds or chain shot.

And yet the bullets would reduce

  • deaths and serious injuries
  • bullets hitting unintended targets due to carrying on past the target,
  • richochet

This is not exactly a selling point for a self-defence round.

If the tether breaks on impact, then it will actually *increase *the risk.

And if the tether doesn’t break then it will be next to useless.

Aim for the rigging!

(bolding mine)

I disagree. According to this part of the site, a .45 cal round expands to a diameter of ~10". If you hit a human torso CoM, (center of mass) you’ve caused three separate wounds. :eek:
IMHO, (IANAP-physician) that would increase the trauma to the body, besides making three separate holes to leak blood from, instead of just one. :wink:

ETA: I think that they meant “deaths and serious injuries [from pieces of the bullet not impacting the target, that the other pieces did hit]”, compared to say, buckshot.

Does that make sense?

The shotgun rounds remind me of the “chain shot” my Grandpap taught me to make ---- take about a yard of something like E string piano wire, crimp the ends and cast a .380 round ball on each end, and fill the balance of the shell with swan shot, buck, anything handy. Works great ---- but you better make sure anything you love is behind you when you fire.

The pistol rounds remind me of the stacked bullets from the 70s. Basically 5 lead discs formed together to make a full wadcutter type bullet. Same thing (make sure loved ones are well clear) but maybe not the greatest penetration.

If the tether doesn’t break, the assembly won’t penetrate the rib cage. If it does break, you’re penetrating non-critical parts of the body since you’re hitting the torso edges which isn’t where critical structures are located.

But you’re not hitting the target with a 10 inch .45 bullet, you’re hitting it with a 10 inch spread of four .12 caliber bullets. Or something like that anyway, it splits up into a center bullet and three tethered fragments, the sizes are unclear. I’d rather hit someone with a .45 than a .22 and 3 BBs.