It's a mite breezy out

Article with photos and video where I live.

Video I shot around noon today.

It’s been a totally dreary and dismal day down our way, too. More’n most, even.

Pretty bad in the Puget Sound area, too. The Hood Canal bridge was closed this afternoon. We lost power for a while.

I guess you got the wind that was down here Sunday/Monday. We even had a tornado.

My dogs disapproved. I’d open the door to let them out, and they’d hide behind me. It’s gonna be a looooonnnng winter.

Might be. Down there, El Niño is opposite of up here. It should be warmer up here (though I do expect at least some snow).

Our power was out for nine hours. Now if the neighbors would figure out that it’s back and turn off their damn generator maybe we could get some sleep. Assholes.

The power flashed off for an instant; just enough to make the TV and the Xfinity box reset – which meant I was disconnected from work for a few minutes. Fortunately I was saving things often. (Actually, my power going out would not affect my office computer in Seattle; but better safe than pissed off.) We have the 3,000 W generator just in case, and few neighbours to complain.

I lost power for about an hour last night. My daughter had a large tree branch land on the roof of her car doing some pretty significant damage. The traffic in the Puyallup area was so bad it took my grand daughter 3 hours to commute the 7 miles from where she works to home. It was all caused by some high tension power wires falling on a freeway.

We’re still without power. (Kitsap) At least it’s not very cold out.

Did I hear the radio right this morning, that a gust of 115 mph was reported?

On her way back from Issaquah, my youngest sister encountered a big ol’ cottonwood tree lying across Highway 18. You had to drive on the left shoulder to get around it. Luckily, no one got hit.

After she got home, the power went out for a few hours. She said it was just long enough to be fun and not be a bother. She lives across the bay from us. Around 9 PM, I could see that many neighborhoods over there still didn’t have lights, but the odd pocket here and there did. Funny how that works.

We have a tall Douglas fir on our block that leans bit due to the prevailing winds. During some of those gusts, it leaned so far I started doubting its ability to remain upright much longer. However, it did manage to survive. I’m sure the dwellers of the two apartment buildings it would have hit are thankful for that.

**Johnny, **I heard that one of the ski areas, Crystal, I think, had a 100 mile gust.