It's a modern keyboard with almost touch sensitive keys - not a 1930s typewriter!

For OG sake you don’t need to hammer the keys!
Anyone know of a polite way to inform a colleague that their key-hammering is irritating and unnecesary?

Go on eBay.
Purchase 1930s typewriter.
Wait for package to be delivered.
Move colleague’s keyboard.
Place 1930s typewriter in blank spot on desk.
Withdraw to own work space.

I always go for the one-size-fits-all social panacea: the sucker punch.

I have a brand new Dell keyboard, and the keys really do need to be hammered, especially the shift key. I am going to dump it soon for something more responsive…

Doesn’t make any difference. Your colleague learned on a manual keyboard, and there is no way you are going to be able to retrain him. Buy a set of earplugs or move.

It took him a while, but my dad eventually learned to not poke his finger through the bottom of the keyboard. It can be done (and he didn’t even break a keyboard). Patience and determination, my friend.

^^^Agree. It took me a few years as well. Hammering is hard to break, but not impossible.

Sir Rhosis

I feel I should point out that the person doing the hammering is in fact around 20 years old.

Leave him alone and see how long it takes him to produce all the works of Shakespeare.

Are you sure it’s not the rat-tat-tat of typing with long fingernails? I have a co-worker who does this and it drives me batty.

Or, if she’s typing really hard I give her the ol’ “Don’t type angry.” It sometimes works.

If she’s smacking her nicotine gum, I cringe and put on the headphones.

Don’t give me this crap about manual typewriters being the cause. I learned on a manual and now have absolutely no problem with typing. I’m fairly fast, and quiet. It’s usually the one key hunters that are the most guilty of this problem. I’d just inform them that the constant hammering on the keys is bad for the springs in the keyboard. Not a “complete” lie, but it might get across to them that this is a bad thing to do. Good luck with it though, I know how annoying it can be to sit next to someone who does this.

I like hitting the keys a little extra hard because it feels good.

Keeps my fingers trim.

That’s one of the things I don’t like about lap tops. I always feel like I have to be so delicate.

Purchase the Monty Python Desktop Pythonizer. It has a fun sound scheme wherein you can make your keyboard sound just like a manual typewriter. Crank the sound up and let 'er rip.

Alternatively, it has a sound scheme in which every keystroke sounds like a burp or fart.

I had an officemate that did that. I just chalked it up to her taking her aggressions out on the enter key. She’d smack the hell out of that thing.

tippity tippity tap tap POK!!

tippity tip tip tip tippity tap POK!!

::raises hand::

That would be me. Sorry for the racket. I, too, learned how to type on a manual typewriter, and a handful of prolonged experiences with horribly sluggish & unresponsive computer systems just reinforced the tendency.

In the basement I have several boxes of old “Saratoga” ADB Extended Keyboards, which are wonderful keyboards with great key-spring texture. And which also, fortunately, are built like tanks. Clickety click CLACK tik tak WHOP clatter clack BAM clack. Yep that’s me.

Buy several packs of dairylea triangles.
Prise off the keycaps
Deposit a small piece of dairylea under each key
Replace keycaps

Problem solved.

Why would I want cheese to come squishing out of my keys when I type?

What is this dairylea of which you speak?

I have to raise my hand too. I am a keyboard clacker. I too contribute it to learning on a manual keyboard. Even electric ones forced me to be heavy fingered :eek:

Most of the time I don’t notice it until I am really typing quickly so I can get my idea out before it runs away from my tiny brain.

I find it I try to type quieter then I type slower. :frowning:

I wonder if there’s a niche market for keyboards with sound software. You could adjust the volume to get some really loud clacking for that just right tactile feedback.