It's a New Record! In which I pit All NYS politicians, most of my neighbor voters

Today is August 5th.

The state budget for NYS is late. Again.

For the 20th year in a row. And for a new record in days since the April first deadline. A deadline set, in part, to allow for other government and public activities to set up their own budgets knowing what sort of money they’re getting from the State.

I Pit Sheldon Silver, the Leader of the Democratic controlled State Assembly, the lower house. I Pit him for having perverted parliamentary rules so that he, and he alone controls what bills will be voted upon in full session. I pit him for taking the budget hostage to his own narrow adgenda, and refusing to negotiate in good faith with the State Senate leadership and the governor.

I pit Joseph Bruno, the Majority Leader of the Republican controlled State Senate, the upper house. I Pit him for having perverted parliamentary rules so that he, and he alone controls what bills will be voted upon in full session. I pit him for refusing to take the high road and NOT matching the undemocratic and, IMNSHO, illegal parliamentary rules of the State Assembly. I pit him for taking the budget hostage to his own narrow adgenda, and refusing to negotiate in good faith with the State Assembly leadership and the governor.

I pit George Pataki, the Governor of New York State. I pit him for taking the budget hostage to his own narrow adgenda, and refusing to negotiate in good faith with the State Legislative leadership.

I pit every other ‘elected’ official in the state government for NOT having lead a revolution to get the fucking goddam budget process working again. This is not a minor goddam fucking frill. It is the first duty of the goddam legislative session and all you fucking shit stains have turned turtle and let these three idiots in Albany take the whole goddam state hostage. You’re ALL just as guilty as they are.

I pit anyone who is even thinking of voting for an incumbent in the state legistature races. These are the same fucking shitstains who can’t get a fucking goddam BUDGET done on time. For TWENTY years! What the HELL does it take you goddam sheep to get your head out your asses and start breathing fucking oxygen? Every day that the budget is late is costing local governments and schools in uncertainty over state aid, and temporary borrowing to keep their own budgets afloat. The temporary budgets that have been keeping the fucking state working are, like any other short term loan, extremely expensive, and coming out of YOUR pockets! Why the fuck do you idiots think that the Dems and Republicans both have gotten onto the casino crack? How else can they get more of your money and your neighbor’s money without actually raising taxes to cover their idiocies?

I pit anyone who is considering voting for those people who are trying to use their time in the NYS legislature as a springboard for higher office. Why the HELL do you think we should trust you with any more responsibility. I wouldn’t trust you to tell me which drection were east, on a clear day at 6:30 AM! And you want me to think you deserve to be rewarded with a better job after being involved in the abortion that is NYS government? You’re lucky we can’t sue you all for malpractice!

Seriously, all New Yorkers, I don’t care what political party you normally feel at home in, but can we, please, at least think about changing out ALL the state legislature office holders? None of them deserve to be returned to Albany. They’ve all failed in their first duty: To provide the state with an on-time budget.

And if any New York State politicians are reading this: Resign, already - you don’t deserve your pay check, and I’m tempted to say you don’t deserve to be using my oxygen.

Preach it brother! It’s disgusting how these three manage to have complete control over the legislative process and STILL can’t get anything done in time. Worst state government in the nation. Vote the fuckers out!

Ummm… there WAS a “revolution” a couple years back. Movement in the Democratic Assembly to oust Silver as Speaker.

It failed. The people involved are now in smaller offices and off their committees (and have, therefore, lost the extra income that goes along with those), if they’re even still in Albany. That’s the kind of thing that puts off any thought at another.

I’m not saying you’re wrong about the budget. You’re right about the budget. And it’s a damn shame that the mimimum wage bill passed as close to unanimously as a bill can on the Senate floor, and there’s still no move to override a veto. Which, I think, philosophically fits into your anger (regardless of your position on the issue).

But it’s not the people you want to be Pitting as much at it is the system.

I agree - I’m just saying that, at this point, anyone in Albany is now officially part of the system. :smiley:

The problem I have, as long as the constituents in Silver’s or Bruno’s districts are willing to continue with ‘business as usual’ because of whatever reason, nothing’s going to change. Likewise, those of us not from their districts can only hope to change things if we make it clear in the voting booths that EVERYONE in Albany is going to be held responsible for getting an on-time budget. If attempting a ‘revolution’ will result in smaller offices, the voters have to make it clear that not attempting said revolution will result in unemployment. At this point, it’s the only voice we have left. And after 20 years, it is past time to use it.

I wish I’d been able to Google up a cite for Silver’s quote a few years ago on the idea of voter referenda on the ballot - about how the very idea was unnecessary, because the voters already have representatives in the Legislature to get their views and problems addressed. (Two-faced, lying, power-hungry, autocratic scum.)

But the problem is that these guys also draw the voting districts.

There is an unwritten agreement that the Dems will controll the house and the Republicans the Senate. Since Bruno and Shelly get to draw their own personal voting district, and while they draw them they have full records of who votes in their district and what party they are regitstered for, you can guess the outcome.

Yup. But, if people weren’t yellow dog voters, things could change. Until then, we’ll keep having late budgets, and how many useless legislaters in Albany being paid to do effectively nothing?

OtakuLoki, quit your griping. You’re in Rochester, dammit! The shopping opportunities alone should keep you mollified. And the weather, which rivals that of Florida. And the amazing job opportunities – why, you can work for either Kodak or Xerox!

BTW, what part of the city are you in? I grew up in Fairport.

I’m on Park Ave. Watching the Park Ave Festival getting set up outside my apartment.

Ah. The memories. Mind if I hijack for just a wee bit to rant about something from long ago? Thanks so much.

Years ago I was home for the holidays. I wanted to get stocking stuffers. Cheap crap, like gum or pencils or cough drops. The kind of stuff you’d get at CVS. So I told my parents I needed to go to a drug store. “Sure”, they said, “we can go to Parkleigh Pharmacy.” Now I ask you – what the fuck were they thinking with that shit? Did they really think I was going to give them $25 bars of scented soap or a $50 ballpoint pen? WTF?!?

OK, sorry, had to get that off my chest.