Its a walkman for christ sakes

Apple to me has become a fashon statement. I was at a BART station
(The bay areas rapid transit system)

I was at one of the major stations I saw what may have been 250 adds
for the ipod all in green and white at the Powell st. Station. They
had purchaced every single add space availabe in the entire station
and had adds on things there where no add before. Such as Support
beams and the like. This station is at the heart of San Francisco.
Powell and Market st. Where There is Gaps flagship store, Ambercrome
and Fitch, Norstoms, Starbucks and Virgin Records and the like.

ITS A FUCKING WALKMAN !!! thats all the ipod is. Many other companies
make MP3 players. But they are not trendy and dont look as good with
“Urban Wear” And arnt as advertised as well in trendy fasion areas. If
appes products didnt look so pretty and fashonable people wouldent
cast you a glare if you said apple sucked. It would just be some teco
bablee to them. Apple is becoming an icon not for computing but for
trendy fasion and I think they are right in doing so. Its like what
Princess Lea said “You are our only hope”
They where both right and and made the right choice.

What are you pitting again here?

Too many ads in the BART station, maybe? :confused:

I was going to translate the OP into English, but then I figured fuck it. Don’t want it? Don’t buy it. Can’t afford it? Don’t buy it. Either way, problem solved.

Er… is this a pit of a trend? Too many ads for one thing? Trendy stores? Princess Leia?

Help me, Obi-wan. :confused:

Just step away from the Bart station and everything will be O.K.

And the tape dispenser wasn’t working right, so she took the tape out of the dispenser, and picked at it with her fingernail. She got the corner of it, and it tore off in a small strip. She kept on picking, and the tape kept on pulling off in strips not wide enough to do any good. So, long story short, that’s how my boss’ secretary ended up in jail.


the Walkman was made by Sony. the Ipod is made by Apple. they are both personal stereos.

I hate the iPod commercials myself (them and their catchy songs, too! shakes fist) but people gotta advertise. Don’t look at the posters and you’ll be just fine.

:rolleyes: I didn’t know BART ran all the way to Alaska.

Have you ever been in 30th St. station in Philly? They had these absolutely gigantic iPod ads in there a year or two ago.

I like the ipod ads. They’re a lot better than most of the crap you see. And the ipod is coooooool.

So there.

…and the Apple Store, I feel I should note.

And that’s why I bought a Saturn.

No, thet aren’t. iPod shuffle I can see, and I want one myself, but I just don’t get why people are so in love with their fricken’ iPods.

Yup. As with hoovers, frisbees, and kleenex, you can be sure the brand’s name identifies the company…

Bart doesnt go all the way to alaska.

I was there on vacation. I guess I am not use to being pelted with so many ads for one thing.

I dont really know what my gripe was except I was jet laged after a very long flight and couldent get the stinking ads out of my head.

I suppose its akin to hearing a song to many times and you get sick of it. I think advertizers want you to remember their ads, but…

As for the rest I cant really explaine because of my state at the time. I think I ment something like Apple is going into the fashon industry as the Ipod to me seems a fashion accesory, mainly due to the type of adds and quantity. It seemed all so trendy.

And I still think of it as a glorified Walkman even fully rested. I am biased I know because I mainly listen to talk radio, and listen to only a little music. In my mind most people with an Ipod problaly listen to only 10-20 songs on it with any frequency. About the quantity of a couple tapes or Cd’s You could carry those around but it wouldnd be as fashionable or hip.

I am skeprical of products that require an overload of advertisment. I find with most high quality items you need to hunt them out. You have to find and hunt out the good things in the world they are not plasterd all over the walls of a train station. and arn’t the contents of spam mail.

I am now safley back at home, happy with my Carharts and Xtra tuffs. Fashion that suits my taste a little better.

So, are you ranting about iPods, or hard drive MP3 players in general?

Now, I’d agree that some people buy the iPod instead of other HD players because of marketing, as I could never live without the remote w/screen on my iriver H120 (maybe I’m just biased, though).

As for comparing HD players with CD/tapes, come on, those are freakin’ huge! Sure the portable CD players are smaller than they used to be, but they can’t make them smaller than the CD itself.

So what? After all, it’s not like Sony has done anything wonderful with the Walkman brand lately. Here in Japan, they’re using the Walkman mark on MiniDisc players, and Japan is the only place where those are very popular.

As for how many songs people listen to on their iPod (or other high-capacity HD or Flash-based music player), am I correct in noting that “In my mind” means you pulled that number out of your ass? I have an iPod, and when I don’t just have the whole thing set on shuffle, I pick and choose from 4.9 days worth of music, and I rarely set the thing on repeat one song/album. It’s a hell of a lot more convenient to carry my iPod around, instead of the 90-100 tapes or CDs it would take for the same amount of music.

As a friend of mine put it, “it’s like having your own personal radio station in your pocket. Put it on shuffle and you don’t know what’s coming up next, but you know that you’ll like it.”

Okay, why am I so in love with the iPod? Capacity, flexibility, portability, the wired remote…

Did I buy it because of marketing? No, I bought it because I already owned a couple of Macs, and knew it would work better with Macs than any other device you could throw at the Mac.