It's About Time - Young Indy on DVD

Volume One out on 10-23.
Truly, it’s been a bit of a wait. Half the episodes never did get released, but the word is they’ve been working on the companion films (which are also going to play on the History Channel, I understand), and it’ll be worthwhile.

Expensive, I imagine, but worthwhile.

However, I get the sinking feeling that the Old Indy scenes have been cut like they were for the VHS releases.

As much as I would enjoy seeing the show again there’s no way I’m paying for an edited show. I might make an exception for things outside of the creator’s control (legal complications, for example) but just because they want to change things later? No way. I’ll wait for confirmation on if the book ends are removed or not.

I have copies of all the original stuff on DVD with the bookends. I’m looking forward to the DVDs to give me an excuse to sit down and watch them all, something I haven’t done yet. I’ll buy the set no matter what, though I’m hoping that they don’t remove the Old Indy stuff. I’ve heard the first set will run around $100, which isn’t too bad.