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This is, at best, depressing.

Ain’t it the truth, Beatle?
I think the ABA should change its name to American Bandits Association. It would be more accurate.
I also think we have a good clue as to why those two murderous goofballs ran amok.

Heh. Wouldn’t it be amusing if the court not only decided in favor of the Klebolds, but also stated, “Of course, certain laws, regulations, and prior judgments may have made it difficult or impossible for the authorities to have prevented this; therefore, we void all of those laws, etc.” And was upheld in appeals.

Before you ask the question, be certain that you want to know the answer.

Reading this post has made me depressed.

I’m suing beatle for emotional damage.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

This is beyond depressing. I am actively ill now.
A boy is so unbalanced that he hates his school and schoolmates, collects an arsenal of high-powered weapons and explosives and HIS PARENTS blame others for not noticing and preventing a massacre?
Where the &%$#@ were THEY? If they didn’t notice anything wrong with their own son, it should have been obvious to outsiders?
Responsibility no longer exists.

Makes you wish he would have, like so many other gunmen of this ilk, started off by offing his folks…

Well, we all know where he got it, at any rate…

Yer pal,

Funny, isn’t it Satan, how that does seem to be a hallmark of many rampagers’ 15 minutes?

Different thing about this one is that it was a team rampage (can’t think of another offhand).

If only they took half the effort they are using now to cover their asses and used it on parenting, perhaps they would have an honor roll student instead of a murderer for a child.

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

Maybe the parents are sick of being blamed for something that they couldn’t have prevented. It’s plausible to me that nothing Klebold or Harris did beforehand reached a critical mass that would have justified, to me or you or their parents, separating them, locking them up, or committing them to an institution. How many teenagers kill themselves, with no real warning to their parents?

That said, it’s the most horrifyingly tacky way of saying ‘fuck you’ to the community blaming them that I can think of. I agree with the person in the article who said that the Klebolds are most likely positioning themselves for the impending court battle with other ex-parents.


The one in AK a while back was also done by two kids. Main difference being that the kids in AK were around 11 or 12 IIRC. They also didn’t go into the school, but pulled the fire alarm and waited for the other kids to come out.

Flick Lives!

Maybe they have a point, if the authorities new about all this stuff, they should have told the parents. …

When I was in high school, my parents knew ONLY what I wanted them too. And as far as the internet stuff, I would bet $$ the parents had no idea, and no ability to monitir the kids. Hell, my parents could hardly play Atari.

I dont think it is appropriate for the other parents to be suing the killers’ parents. Its not like they TOLD these kids to do it. Teens get drunk and kill carloads of passengers too, and those parents dont sue them. ( I think ‘sue them’ is a poor response to anything like this)

The parents of the killers lost a child too, and they have to live with all the guilt and blame forever. Any monuments to thier sons heve been destroyed, they arent even allowed to grieve. The fact that these boys killed 13 other people doesnt change the fact that their parents loved them, raised them, they had hopes for them, plans for the future…they have lost everything too.

I dont condone the killings at all, but these boys must have been pretty smart to pull this off, smart enough not to get caught by their parents. If anyine is to blame, its the school for allowing the cauldron of hate to boil over unchecked, and the ‘authorities’ who knew the boys were fucked up, and did NOTHING.

This lawsuit by the parents isnt to ‘get’ money, its to bounce the damages that will be awarded against them over to the other parties.
I dont see how taking the homes and cars, college funds, retirement savings etc of those two families is going to help ease the pain of the 13 victims’ families. And I dont think punishing the parents of the killers is really appropriate either, they already blame themselves, and they lost thier kids…anything else that is done to them cant come close to that.

And the voice of sanity echoes through the forest of “We Need A Scapegoat.” Thanks kells.

True, a lawsuit is tactless. But what other choice do these folks have, facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit for something their children did.

I understand that the parents of the dead students want someone to pay for their grief and loss, but someone somewhere has to say “Whoa!”

And it ain’t gonna be the lawyers.

I am glad it came out that way, thanks scott.

If my kid had been killed, I would be out for revenge…but there is nobody left to get revenge on. The killers are dead, thereby robbing all the parties involved of any sense of justice or closure.

I cant even imagine how these poor people cope every day. I bet these lawsuits, and the anger and rage they feel are all that stands between them and a rubber room.

Point well made, Kel. The fact remains, though, that the Klebolds were responsible for their child. I’m not going to judge whether they could have prevented anything or not, but they have no place to blame anyone else for behavior patterns they themselves didn’t notice.

Kelli–I don’t know about you, but my parents (and those of my friends) knew a hell of a lot more about what I was doing than I thought they did.

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Lawsuits going either way arent going to do anything except make lawyers rich. These kids should be left to rest in peace. At this point blaming anyone makes no sense at all.
Most of the kids that died were described as god loving, wonderful kids. Its sad that their parents have forgotten about this and turned into vindictive, greedy people.

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Haven’t you guys heard? I’m suing the Klebolds for having given birth to the kid who created the incident that has dominated the headlines recently, thus violating my rights to read news about something other than Columbine High School. I’ll settle out of court if they cough up the $30 million, though.