It's an addiction!

It’s lunchtime and I have 5 dollars in my pocket. The decision I have to make: Cigarettes or Food.

I chose cigarettes and I’m a big girl who likes food. More addictive than heroin, some reports say. I believe it.

Bah, if you really want to quit, you will. I had my last smokey treat 2 weeks ago. Dropped them bastards cold turkey. I haven’t really missed them that much, except on the drive to work, where I always had the first of the day. I can even sit in the bar all evening without craving one. It’s all about will power.

Now this message board is a whole different kettle of fish.

According to Frank Zappa, cigarettes are food. I tend to agree.

::Homer Simpson::

Mmmmmm, ciiiigareeeeeettes… Smoooooke… Puffy puffy…

I need to quit in a few weeks. Uuuggghhh :frowning:

But Frank Zappa is an absurdist…

I think that anyone who is addicted to cigarettes is pretty pathetic, but if you complain about it without doing anything about it, then really, isn’t it just an affectation that you use to get attention?

Instead, biggirl, wear a pylon as a hat.

Let’s see… who to vote the most empathetic new poster… KarmaComa or CalifBoomer???

I know! Most pathetic new poster! It’s a tie!

I’ve smoked off and on for over 10 years. I have concluded that I can not become addicted. I can smoke a pack in a couple days, then not smoke for a month, smoke one her one there, then chain smoke on a night of drinking. I have not smoked a cigarette now for almost 3 days, before that I finished a pack in about 2. I’ll prlly buy a pack tomorrow and have it finished by Saturday morning. And I’ll second UncleBeer’s comment on the board. No board for anything more than a day and I have the shakes.

I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty.

Actually, Karma, Frank Zappa is dead.

Karma is right.
I’m a pathetic, attention seeking smoker.
Thank you Karm for posting on my thread.

::lights cig, sobs::

Curiously, I found my self in the very same situation yesterday morning and plumped for the nicotine. Unfortunately, things haven’t resolved themselves financially and i’m too hungry to smoke. Ah well, I needed to lose a few pounds anyway ;).

Well I can certainly empathize – I’ve been in the same situation and I opted for the smokes too. My SO is one of those people who smokes one or two a day, and can go all day without one. I had quit in '87 and started up again when I met him in '95 (his cigs were lying there on the table on our first date and I was nervous). Now he has quit completely and I’m still at it. Well, I’ve cut way back anyway - less than half a pack most days.

“Tobacco will get you through times of no food better than food will get you through times of no tobacco”. :wink:

You say I’m blind, I say you’re hallucinating.

I stopped smoking Jan 1990. Kicked drugs 3 years earlier. Quitting smoking was MUCH harder.

I’ve opted for cigarettes over food a couple of times. With $5 though, I could get a pack of smokes and a couple of tacos from Taco Bell… I’d be happy.

I’ve quit smoking twice… both times I was pregnant. I quit cold turkey too. I didn’t have the urge to smoke at all during the first pregnancy but with the second, I was soooo tempted to light up. It was really hard but I held off. I started up 6 months after having my daughter was born and 2 months after having my son. I don’t smoke in the house or car though because it’s not good for the kids, so that’s something I guess. I’ll give it up someday… just not right now.

That John Denver’s full of shit man!

Knowing me I would buy the cigs and get an apple and some cheese but smoke all the way back to the office.

I may have bad habits, but I try to counter them with some healthy behaviors.