It's August? Then it's Shameless Self-Promotion Time!

I now know more about the sewers of Montreal than anybody, including the charming young lady I spoke with at public works.

“Before we go any further, sir, by what do you mean the word ‘sewer?’”

And an absolutely KILLER place to ditch a body south of Chicago. Haven’t read it yet, but I provided a gap in the fence that the owners need to attend to (this being Chicago one must keep ones dumpsites inaccessible) followed by a wet spot a body would only need to bounce off one or two ledges to reach.

This was a fun one.

What are you on about?

I’m guessing sewers (storm water I’d guess) play some sort of role in the new “Bones” book and dropzone provided some advice about them.


Yup. Except Montreal has a combined sewer system.

Bump, because I told you I was shameless.

Kathy just sent me several of her books I have not read. Not because I don’t like them or see them as prime beach reads, but because I read non-fiction, not fiction (unless my name is in the acknowledgements) and spend no time whatsoever at the beach. Where I’d be reading non-fiction. I even laugh at her for her many trips to the beach, especially those to the Sea Islands. She’s lounging on the beach when she could be exploring the ruins of Fort Wagner.

OTOH, if I bothered to ask, I might be interested if the folks round them parts really do, as claimed by Vertamae Grosvenor, regard “jumbo” shrimp as “bait.” I like shrimp and am interested in eating one that takes several bites.