It's beautiful here, east of Lake Wobegone

We’ve had three or four days of snow this week. It didn’t snow particularly hard. There was almost no wind, and it was warm enough to produce this dense, snowball perfect, brilliant white coating that has settled on the pines and roofs to produce a Hollywood movie set. I’ve taken to the scenic route of late - the long route. Instead of stoplights and aggravating drivers I take my time cruising along the Mississippi, enjoying the view on my side of the river and the other. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it. We’re settling into a cold spell now so this beauty should last through the weekend, at least.

I’m not a huge fan of winter, but days like this make the rest of the season worth it.

I agree completely, chique. It’s even still beautiful in the cities. The trees are laden with snow, curving the branches into Dali-esque contortions. Kids are playing in the plowed snobanks (“I’m Queen of the mountain!!”), dogs romping like deer through the yards, and with each continued dusting we’re receiving the roads are still white.

We had a Kodak moment yesterday - a cardinal sitting on a snow covered frond in our evergreen tree.

My parents did attempt to go to the cabin yesterday (in Annandale), but the lake road was snowed in. They were able to walk down though. Mom said it was odd - all the snow blanketing everything, but the lake was still not completely frozen over.

Minnesotans. Ya gotta love us. We celebrate what others revile.

We had about 30 cm of snow on Friday and I had to go out just after supper to clear the plowdrift from the end of the driveway. My neighbour’s big spruce tree was covered in fresh snow with the Christmas lights shining through - a real-life Hallmark moment.

We had a winter wonderland here for several weeks. There was an ice rime covering every branch and twig. Then the chinook hit - 40 degree weather pretty much melts everything off, creating a mucky mess. I’m envious of your whiteness.

We still have a winter wonderland to walk through up here. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Rouge River and Sherbrooke Gardens are absolutely gorgeous this time of year. There’s the frozen rivers, and icy trees, and the perfect hills for sledding, and that hushed, still calm as everything sparkles and gleams…

It was 86F here today and it’s going to be 95 of Wednesday. The sun sets at around 8:30 at night and we haven’t had a drop of rain in almost 3 weeks and the beach is 15 minutes walk from my house.