It's been a week, and frankly I love the new design

It’s been a week and I love it, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I love pictures. Love the go-to post interface within the threads. Love the OneBox. Love phone notifications for replies and pm’s. Love the differing skins (I use the dark one myself). I love that it’s SO MUCH EASIER and useful to link to the SDMB on Twitter/Facebook (before, I would always have to make a tapatalk disclaimer “if it asks you to download an app, just click no”. Hated typing that sentence. Hated it. And now I don’t have to.) :heartpulse: the ability to post emojis.

I can go on. Here, watch…

My biggest concern is post size - 3,500 characters seem far too little and this limit has caused me to revamp a pretty large post I was working on prior to the change… but then, the change is making me redo the entire thing as well, given I can now add charts, graphs, and tables in picture format, so maybe it doesn’t need to be as wordy.

Which I love, the need to revamp this thing, so no big deal. Regardless, 3,500 characters is too small.

Keep pictures as they are, using community pressure and pre-defined limits (per forum) to limit their use. But I think it would be insane to remove them en masse and I’m actually a bit resentful for calls to do so.

I dislike the return of the ‘I agree’ post. Hated them on the old board, not pleased that… with the elimination of ‘likes’… that such space-wasting nonsense has to be ported over. Don’t like the white space? Agree, but I also don’t like information-less posts. Give us the ability to like posts and get rid of the ‘I agree’s’.

Regardless, even if the above doesn’t get any better, I’m thrilled with the new design.

And since this is my thread, pictures allowed.

Google Photos

I…er, agree.

Seriously, with all of it, but most especially with the benefit of ‘likes’. I won’t even open a thread if it goes past 3 pages, because the quality to quantity ratio goes way down at that point, and I’m one of those weirdos who reads the entire thread before I comment.

I agree…

“Pages?” What are these “pages” of which you speak?

They sound like something I would really like to have around here.

I was reading another thread. Swiping up, then I swiped down twice to see my picture… and it showed that there were replies to my subscribed threads.

I love that, the simple pull-down to see if any responses occurred.

I’m very much a lurker and so I suspect it will take some serious time for me to get used to… pretty much everything. A lot of it is still confusing to me, but I’m am, albeit slowly, warming up to the New and Improved SDMB. Some things still are a complete mystery, like

This. No clue what this even means.

And the likes… I’ve seen them mentioned but I see no way to “like” a post, thank God.

But all in all… I’m ok with just about everything. The 3500 character limit will be the one thing that truly pisses me off if it ends up staying.

One Box. It frames many links with previews:

I’m loving the new Board. I’m more adept with the different bells and whistles everyday.
I’m not good at posting pictures yet.

Put a link on a line by itself and the board puts a preview in a box.

I’m not seeing “likes” either. Where are they?

They took the likes away, at least for now. I did like them, so to speak, when we briefly had them.

“Likes” were taken away.


I thought they were, but people kept referring to them.

I wish I could like your post, but instead I’ll just say, I’m with you 100% on this. The new site is head and shoulders above the old one. It’s blazing fast in comparison, a hundred times more readable on mobile, and a thousand times easier to POST on mobile.

I had no problems reading the old board on mobile – indeed, 99.9% of my Dope reading was on mobile. But posting… holy crap was that a PITA. More than once I screwed up a quote or tag because writing out a post was such a nightmare. But this… this is easy. I’ve not had the need or the desire to write long monographs here, so it will take me some time to learn how to format stuff in the new software, but I’m still loving the ease of writing a post. Maybe I’ll actually start posting more.

My problem is that I’m finding the new board too addictive!

I’m enjoying it so much that I’m spending too much time on it, and posting far more than I used to.

Be careful @GreenWyvern, you might get like me. :blush:

That can only be an advantage! :smile:

But what time is it there? Must be after midnight. Beware of the owls! :owl:

You are not alone. I was MUCH quieter on the old board…

It’s 2:30. No sleepy for ol’beck.

Thanks so much for the kind words, going to pass it on to the team.

Note. Our Discourse default is 32000 for max_post_length, admins here have lowered it (not sure if this a mistake or on purpose). It is trivial to revert this to our default in two clicks if admins here see fit. cc @TubaDiva