It's been that long? Should I stay or go?

How quickly time flies. I just got an e-mail from this board trying to shake me down for another $7.48. With not much warning. I’m history here if I don’t pay up in the next 2 days. (Those running this place should send out bills earlier. What if I went on vacation for a week and found my userid and PW were history?) It doesn’t seem anywhere near that long since I paid up when this board started charging. Although I notice I have 1,500+ posts here?! I should look and see if there is a SDMB Addicts Anonymous chapter in my area. :wink:

The $7.48 for a year would be no problem for me. And I really don’t think I am an addict. 5 posts a day isn’t that much. However, are my post here worthwhile, or just a waste of bandwidth? I’ll leave it to you to comment if I should stay, or go back to Usenet where I came from? (For the record, I’ve never been whacked by a mod here for my posts, so I’ll presume that this isn’t an issue.)

Well the subscription renewal stickies, threads and announcements have been all over the board, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise if you’ve logged in over the last month or so.

But as to whether you should stay, that’s your choice. Up to you to decide whether the board gives you $7.48’s worth of entertainment/information, not whether you bring that value to the board.


NO, it isn’t obvious. I knew full well that I had only paid up for a year. I just didn’t mark the date on my calendar. There is no warning when logging in “renew now, or else.” I only found out from the e-mail.

And I would think if I bring value to the board is relevant. This board is open read. For $0 I can get entertainment/information. The $7.48 just lets me post also.

Dude, all my posts are meaningless drivel and I’m still here. I figure $8 a year so that I can search the boards and post meaningless drivel is well worth it. Also I feel a kinship to the abstract personas on this board. I’ve been here five years and this is the only site I pay for on the net. And that includes porn sites too.

Sorry, didn’t mean to come across as snarky or snide. I just mean that if you enjoy the board, and the price is not an issue for you, then you should base your decision on whether you enjoy being here, and being able to contribute your thoughts, not on whether anyone else thinks you should be here.

You should stay. I can’t point to specifics, but your username sets off my Good-Doper-O-Meter, and that can’t be bad. 'Cause I’m great.

I get more out of this than I do for a freeking evening at the movies. If you don’t then don’t stay. It is one of the best bargains of my life, actually!

Meaningless drivel? Hell, I can meet that standard. :wink:

Oh cough up the $7.48 and cut the crap. Drivel is ok, Snivel is not.

Great post.

How about this as an SDMB motto: “Drivel, but no snivel.”

Stay. We need as many people on our team as possible. Fighting ignorance is tough. Also, if you ever take the time to make it to a dopefest of some sore (even if it is 3 people), you’ll realize that the posters you enjoy reading are real people. It makes the boards a little more personal.

(I’ve been to one dopefest and I drove 8 hours to get there damnit!)

Even if I never posted (and god knows I don’t that much, though I’ve been trying to do so more lately), it would be worth it for the search function.

So get to it! :slight_smile:

please? :slight_smile:

Personally, I have never found your drivel to be meaningless. :wink:
My preference? Stick around, please.