It's cold, wet and miserable.....

BUT!!! I have a super pot of ‘scotch broth’, complete with mega chunks of lamb, beef and barley, AND I’ve got a tray of sausage rolls just about to come out of the oven.

So you can just go fuck yourself weather! I don’t care! You can shove your wintery conditions right up your southerly low-pressure system!!



:: shivers ::
Glad it’s summer here…

Your turn will come! So when I’m complaining about the heatwaves, sunburn and having to get more skin-cancers cut out…you can gloat then! :smiley:

Damn it’s cold though. No snow here (we don’t get a winter wonderland in Melbourne) but up on the alps they’re reveling in their snow cover. Good season for the snow-folk, just cold, wet and miserable for the rest of us. :frowning:

But soup awaits!

Ah, but what if your soup has already frozen solid? You will have to wait until a big thaw comes. Sitting there, starving, huddled in many blankets, multiple socks, hats and gloves, shivering, staring at your soup, willing little cracks to appear … :smiley:

It’s terribly hot and sunny here, by the way. I have nice cold yogurt and grapefruit and … what do you mean, you don’t want to hear? :slight_smile: OK, I’m definitely not gloating, (and I don’t like too much sun anyway), but just remember to be nice to us northern people when the seasons turn around again.

I really really hope you were joking about the skin cancer. :eek: (And if you’re not, well I hope the bastard, once cut out, stays out.)

I went into Victoria Park today to watch the VFL team, I left at half time suffering frostbite:o

I have a lambs liver in the fridge, tomorrow I’m making lambs fry, bacon and onions with red wine sauce while watching the AFL on TV cos I’m not going cos it’s too cold.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in Launceston this weekend, where it’s clear, calm and very cold.

Hot as fuck here. Hot as fuck all year long!

Launceston forecast.
For a bit of perspective for our Northern Fahrenheit cousins - it’ll drop a bit below freezing tonight (28F), and be about 55 F tomorrow.
People from the Midwest are now invited to snicker, and Canadians should feel free to guffaw. :smiley:

That being said, Victorian winters (I’m in Bendigo, 100 km northish from kam) are gray, dank, and depressing.

Well, that just serves you right for confusing me.

Basically, I didn’t look to the right side of your post to check your location, so I thought of Launceston as being Launceston in Cornwall. Also thought that was odd, as it ought to be summery there too, and then the penny (or small Australian coin or whatever) dropped. :smack:

It must be all the heat making me stupid and melting my brain. Oh, for some “clear, calm and very cold”. (I’m tempting fate a bit now, aren’t I?) :smiley:

It’s Sunday morning and it’s clear, crisp and -3C. I’ve just been for a brisk pre-breakfast walk.

How is this thread not about the scotch broth? It sounds tasty.

Yeah, I want scotch broth instructions. Also sausage roll instructions.

Also, weather that makes it possible to enjoy them with a cuddly sweater.

High summer ain’t my thing.

Feels like 100f,very humid and we have a covering of dust from Africa… and I’m stuck back in bed with the feet up… I feel a cranky coming on.

High mountain summer here. It’s morning now, so about 50F. I expect mid 70’s during the day, with low humidity. Perfect.

I’ll be putting on the last pieces of trim in the addition today. Good weather for setting up the miter saw on the deck.

Bummer Lorene, hope you can have a nice day.

Hot and humid here, but that still sounds really good and I wish I could visit you!
I’m going to make a small pot of beef stew today, though. And I made a HUGE pot of Italian beef yesterday but unfortunately it’s technically a birthday gift for my friend so I’m not sure how much more I can get away with eating.

Another chilly sub-zero morning, with frost.

-5 (around 23F) yesterday & -4 this morning, both with good, hard frosts.

Looks like it’s going to be another glorious Canberra winter’s day with a top of 13 (55F). All bright sunshine and nippy air. :smiley:

Sausage roll, mince in puff pastry = yum.

Here’s a selection of recipes, have fun.

I’m not sure what the equivalent of what we call “sausage mince” is in the US, here it’s a mince that’s so fine it’s basically a paste. Personally I like to keep it simple and just use sausage mince, finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, lemon zest and parsley.