It's decided, I can't stand my son's teacher

I’m a teacher and I make mistakes all the time.

I usually stop class and say, “Wait a minute. I think I just learned something.”

The kids look at me.

I say, “Apparently, I’m human. I’ve made a mistake. Wow, I thought I was perfect. Well, there you go, dears. Even your teachers…including me, make mistakes and a wrong sometimes.”

Of course, all of this is sarcastic and so forth. The kids are usually very understanding. If I misplace/lose something, I tell them and usually for the next day or so, I’m more lenient with them about forgetting things and losing things.

I use my errors to illustrate that no one is perfect, but also to point out that I am generally responsible and I don’t forget everything everyday.

I teach 7th grade, a key year in my opinion for the kids to start becoming more responsible.

You know, my issue is not about her making mistakes or even admitting to making mistakes – it’s about the sheer volume and complete carelessness of them. Your style of teaching sounds like a great thing – she doesn’t use her mistakes to illustrate the nobody’s perfect idea – she just acts like it is perfectly normal for an adult to have worked at the same place for 10 years and still not be able to work their voicemail. It’s little things like that.

So, you can’t figure out how to check your voicemail, you can’t ask someone to show you, you want your parents to do extra legwork (having to call during a very specific time frame – 7:45 - 8:00) because of your incompetence and you think you should be teaching second graders? Honestly, this is my issue – she has come across as completely incompetent as an adult, let alone as a teacher.

It sounds like she’s a ditz (which is different from being stupid, incidentally). While ditzes can be frustrating for people who are counting on them to perform tasks meticulously and on time, this is a venial sin, and IMO you should count your blessings that this is the worst teacher you’ve had to deal with so far. Just wait until you get one who’s mean-spirited and anal retentive. In my experience these teachers tend to congregate in the 2nd-6th grade range, so there’s a good chance you’ll hit one soon.

(Oh, that’s right, you had problems with your daughter’s teachers. So you know.)

Trust me, I know. The horror stories I could tell you about my daughter’s teachers.

As far as being ditzy, yeh, she is that, too. But so is my husband – it’s not a dealbreaker. Her issues go beyond ditzy. My son informed me this morning that she was talking to the class about how much she hates frogs. I found it odd, since her room is decorated in frogs, frogs, and more frogs and she mentioned at parents’ night that she adores frogs, “can’t you tell?” :dubious: