It's Finally Over -- The Webpage has Changed

A new sign of changing times – the Webpage Update. More than a year after my last job closed up shop, the webpage, which had been unchanged for about three years, finally was changed by the folks who bought us out and shut the place down. The page just closed still had the names and telephone numbers of people who hadn’t been there in almost three years. Anyone who called would’ve gotten a disconnect notice. Anyone using the “Contact us by e-mail” would still be waiting for a reply.

The webpage from the company I worked for previously hasn’t updated in three years, either (except for changing the name and date of the next trade show). Their latest “news” is ancient. One announcement proudly states that their product is compatible with Windows 95.
Searching through the internet I find plenty of such “ghost” notices from people and places long gone. They’re like old billboards or paintings on the sides of buildings, only they never get weathered. I suspect the Internet is still too new, even after all this time, and people don’t think about updating or purging old files.

One of the less-traveled pages of my previous company’s site still listed their TELEX NUMBER.

At my company it finally took a commandment from our president to each of our departments to update regularly or get fired. We still have to stand on peoples’ necks to keep the page freshly updated.

Though the information is kept up to date, they have been wanting to redesign our web pages since I started work here – nine years ago. Currently, they are hiring a consultant and I’m betting it’ll be another year (there was supposed to be a new page on May 1).