It's Friday, 1:30pm, just got back from lunch and all I want to do is sleeeeep!!


It’s 11:03 here and I’m ready for a nap too, I didn’t get to bed till after midnight. We were loading the rental truck with the Burning Man stuff till after 10:00pm. I don’t get to go (again) this year :frowning: but the PlayaPlayYard will be part of a village this time. I told em to take lots of pictures.

It’s now 2:15 and I want to go home. Bad.

Is it happy hour time yet?

2:38pm - Fighting sleep - fighting sleep. Maybe if I duck into the Handi-capped staul in the bathroom I can prop my head up on the metal bar and catch a few winks before 5.

must… stay… awake… need… job…




snork Whaa? Heur? Hmn? No, I’m fine, fine. Absolutely. I’ll get right on that, no problem.

Omnipresent I am the only female in the Florida office so I have a HUGE bathroom to myself. You can come here and snooze for a few hours and no one would bother you.

Thanks Isabelle.

I think the clock stopped!

“Auntie Em, Auntie Em.”

I’m delirious!!

This ain’t right. Is this any way to live? It’s sooo friggin’ hot outside. I want to rip these clothes and lay down in front of a fan.

That’s it - the tie’s coming off!!!

Take it off! Take it off!

So - tell us all about your fan club, **Omnipresent **


Ok, the top button is sprung!!!

Oh, I have a GREAT fan, I take off all my clothes and it blows on parts of me that are soooo hot and in need of cooling down.



“Dear merciful God!! Help me to understand why I’m being tortured. If you can find it in your heart to move this day along just a little faster, it would be with much gratitude on my part”

It’s 4:02PM here.





Strangely, I’m feeling a little better.

Not as tired.

Posture’s a little better.

Tidy up the desk so I don’t feel like blowing my brains out on Monday morning.

Ok. Good to go.

It’s Miller time! <whistle blows>
Have a good weekend!

4:17 PM. Sigh.

tick tock tick tock

2:19 here and still in my PJ’s. Oh the joys of working from home…